Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Is All I Got!

Late last night at 9:00pm (shush! that's late for me), the tummy began to churn. I made it 5 whole hours before the call to the porcelain bowl came.

It's been a very, very, long day. (Incidentally, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in all of it's just-under-three-hours, is a great movie for days like today.)

Being as I'm sure this is a 24 hour fluke, it should be lifting any time now, but I'm not feeling much relief.

This is bad for several reasons:

1) I'm having pregnancy flashbacks.
2) School started today. A sick mom on the first day of school ain't cool.
3) I'm registered for a half marathon on Saturday. I cannot stand up without the world going black.
4) I might run out of otter pops.

Oh how my brain hurts! Kind of like this:


Winder said...

I am so sorry! I think there is nothing worse than the stomach flu. But as we all know I am terrified of barfing.

megan said...

I feel your pain...feel your pain...

The MacMizzles said...

The stomach flu is evil. I am so sorry! I hope you get feeling like yourself in right now...and you can run rabid run on Saturday. I have a really strong feeling you will. :)

Becca said...

Dude, I can't believe you are so sick, dude. Dude, I can't believe you are having pregnancy flashbacks, dude. That one would scare me more than all the others combined. Feel better soon!