Monday, August 17, 2009


A few moments ago I was reviewing the analytics for my dot com - when what should my wandering eyes should appear? A giant spike on August 13, 2009. Big spike. I say... I say... I say.... It was big. This spike was similar to that bronzish monument up ta Promontory.

I began to wonder why.

First, I didn't post anything that day. Second, the blogland is at a lull right now (or at least it appears there's a lull). Third... well there's no third, but I was taught that you should list things only when you have more than two. If you have only two items to list, just scrunch 'em together with a conjunction. For this reason, we have a third.

(Can you sense that I've got my tail between my legs over my grammatical reprimanding?)

After some careful investigating - actually just clicking 'round the Google Analytics, I found that the spike in activity at was a direct result of Les Paul's death.

Running - Rabies - Les Paul. Makes sense, don't it?

Now I'll explain the connection. A while back, I put myself in the habit of posting a feature on every Friday - called it the Friday Flashback - wherein I'd research a bit, listen to some music, then type up a report on who I had researched and listened.

On May 28, 2008, Les Paul and Amy Ford were my Featured Flashback.

So, it's more like: Running - Rabies - Friday Flashback - Les Paul & Amy Ford.

P.S. Hobble Creek Canyon is aflame. Meaning On Fire. Does this mean I won't be racing this weekend? I don't know whether I should be sad or relieved. (Notice that "whether" was not used to reference something in the affirmative or negative. Therefore it was necessary to include the things I was "whethering.")

P.P.S. Anyone catch my Foghorn Leghorn reference?



rookie cookie said...

What the hell kind of lull are you talking about? Did you not see my post today? Burgers with bacon IN THEM!!! HELLO!!!!????

BTW, ask Megan about how she feel about exclamation points. We actually hate them.

rabidrunner said...

Dearest Rookie,

Your firecracker post with the bacon burgers came AFTER this post. So one might conclude that my Spike post removed the lull. Eh?!!!!!!!!

I realize that you have your posts scheduled in advance, but being as we're not quite cosmically aligned (yet), I didn't see it coming. I believe we'll be having those burgers for dinner tonight by the way. I have a houseful of boys who'd trade me for an equal weight of bacon.

tom lindsey said...

I heard some helicopters flying this morning-- not sure if they were dumping goo or just watching it burn. Yesterday there were planes flying and dumping.

In other words, don't count on running.