Wednesday, August 05, 2009

From the 2008 Running Log: March

March 1, 2008
18.5 miles in 2:33 / 8:03 pace / hr 150, 171 max / on the "Holy Crap Everywhere" route

Physical therapy is magic! Great run. And I am so happy. The weather was delightful (about 38-45ish), the company was good and the body felt like a million (bodies, that is). Tough at the end, but that's expected, right?

March 5, 2008
10 miles in 1:17 / 7:51 pace / hr 144, 167 max / Provo Bench Loop

Everyone was running hard. Focus focus focus focus! Had some good bid'ness conversations with Docteur Scott, however. Skiing was fantastic. We [me 'n Spouse] hiked McConkeys and had some powderish runs (not quite deep but "conditions were perfect").

March 8, 2008
15 miles in 1:57 / 7:44 pace / 154, 199 max / Alpine - AF - Highland loop

Holy high heart rate. Great run today - with a 3 mile tempo added for spice. I think I'm improving, but it's so hard to feel it mentally when you're chasing others. I need to remind myself that as long as I'm chasing - I'll get faster. Had a margarine style massage today (and margarine ain't good).

March 10, 2008
10.5 miles in 1:25 / 8:06 pace / 147, 164 max / Alpine Figure 8

Seemed cold? Cannot remember and it was only two days ago. Daylight savings happened this weekend (you know the whole SPRING forward excitement - it made it hard to get up.) The pace felt like I was taking it easy. Nice.

March 11, 2008
5.5 miles and spin

Rona [spin teacher] is back. That girl is wacky.

March 14, 2008
21.5 miles in 2:58 / 8:18 pace / 144, 157 max / 7 city tour

American Fork, Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Highland, Cedar Hills, Manilla, Pleasant Grove, American Fork.

March 19, 2008
10.5 miles in 1:19 / 7:44 pace / hr 154, 177 max / Provo bench loop

Ankles and tendons feel taxed, will take tomorrow off.

March 24, 2008
10 miles in 1:24 / 8:17 pace / hr 145, 159 max / Alpine Figure 8

I've got 1800 levels of anxious running around in my bloodstream. Worried and excited and freaked out all at the same time. Oh yeah. There must be a marathon on the horizon.

March 26, 2008
11 miles in 1:30 / 8:09 pace / hr 144, 161 max / Provo bench loop

Spouse's Accident

March 31, 2008
10 miles in 1:20 / 7:58 pace / hr 159, 176 max / AF Canyon loop

Spouse is home from the hospital. I left him alone with Yahoo #2 for a run. Was nervous. All was well when I got home.


tom lindsey said...

The various reasons why we run is very interesting isn't it? You run to keep your type A personality in check and I run to keep my fat A in check.

meg said...

This is all sorts of interesting to me. I sort of want to be you. Like I idolize you or something. I know that ain't the point of you sharing all this, but it's the result nevertheless. An interesting psychology to look into: why there are crazy runners like you. I understand drug addictions and the like. But a running addiction? Incomprehensible.

Maybe we should look into why I say I understand drug addictions.