Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Consumer Cleanse Confession (part 2)

As mentioned in the post of yesterday (feels like yesteryear), I have broken the Consumer Cleanse. Incidentally, did you know, that if you google Consumer Cleanse, my little post of heavy commitment shows up very second? I've coined a new phrase! It's true! Try it.

Many of you have guessed. One of you figured I broke my spending spree on a Sham Wow! Another one of you guessed the fast was broken with a Stampin Up! Starter Kit. Although both items produce temptation similar to that of my favorite narcotic, I did not purchase the Sham Wow! or the Stampin Up! Starter Kit. (Funny how both items require an exclamation point - do they think it sells more that way? Huh.)

The rest of you thought I bought a bike. I did not buy a bike.

But Spouse did!

We found a one-year old Santa Cruz Juliana with XT compenentry and hydraulic disc brakes. This same Juliana had been ridden 10 miles (if that). White marks on the seat were the only sign of wear 'n tear - the result of resting the seat against a wall with white paint.

Spouse insisted I ride the bike. I rode the bike. This bike spoke to me. I've ridden many bikes - none of which have actually spoken. This bike spoke to me. In my language.

Spouse bought the bike.

I understand your confusion, dear reader. Because as the Cleanse goes, I cannot buy anything for me, but Spouse can. Spouse buying this wonderful creation of a bike doesn't warrant the breaking of said Cleanse.


One must use a helmet to ride bikes. At least this one does ('cause I got kids at home to render and care for.) Spouse is out of money, so I purchased a helmet.

One must also use fancy pedals when riding a bike. At least this one does (if I want to keep up.) Spouse is out of money, so I purchased fancy pedals.

One must also use fancy shoes when riding a bike with fancy pedals. At least this one does (again if I want to keep up.) Spouse is out of money, so I purchased fancy shoes.

I bought a couple of tubes too, just in case.

The Cleanse lasted 9 months and 8 days. I still haven't purchased clothing. I will not purchase clothing, jewelry and other useless crap (for me that is - I can still buy useless crap for you) until November 1.

Consider this the transition phase.


rookie cookie said...

I have been on a consumer cleanse as well. But only because I am so darn poor. I wasn't always so darn poor, but I am now and have been for a while. So consumer cleanse for me as well.

Winder said...

Well, looky here I don't turn on the computer for 1 day and all Hell breaks loose! I can't believe the Cleanse is partially destroyed. I will say that it is a worthy cause.

megan said...

better be lots of "biking" pictures posted...see if you can ride no hands and shoot.

Lisa said...

YAY! I really wanted you to (momentarily) break the cleanse for a bike (or biking gear.) My rationale is that riding a bike is better for you than NOT buying a bike, and you should always do what's better for you. well done :)

The MacMizzles said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to see the beaut.

Ellvie said...

Now you might as well buy a Sham Wow to clean your bike, as part of the transition.