Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wasatch Crack Relay: Post 9 of Many


This is a love story.

As mentioned earlier, my little buddy Hillene likes to run Hills. She's very good at hills. However, running hills is not her first love. Hillene's first love (as far as recreation is concerned) is riding a bike up those hills.

She's very good at hills.

So good at biking hills is she, that our special climber won a little race called the Leadville 100 (in Leadville, Colorado.) By little, I mean it's only 100 miles. Off road. With an elevation gain of 14,000 feet. They call this undertaking The Race Across The Sky. Last year, one Lance Armstrong (maybe you've heard of him) raced the Leadville 100. Took second. Being as Hillene is so very awesome, Lance tracked her down to have a photo with her.


In order for Hillene to race this event each year, she must have a training partner, preferably one who can keep up with her. She must also have a technician, preferably one who knows how she rides and one who knows her bike intimately. Lucky for Hillene, she lives and has children with her training partner and technician.

We call Hillene's eternal training partner and technician, Himene.

Hillene and Himene are two of my very favorite people in the whole wide world. They give. They share. They laugh. They respect. They love.

Two weeks before the Wasatch Crack, Himene and Hillene were riding in the mountains when Himene went over his handlebars and landed on his face. He broke his nose in several places and rearranged his delicate septum. Surgery would be necessary.


A week after the crash, Himene had the septum realigned and was healing nicely.

Two weeks after the crash, Hillene would embark on the Wasatch Crack Relay. At roughly 11:00pm, on the first day of the race, Hillene's phone rang its special ring. You know the ring I'm talking 'bout... that ring you have just especially for your Spouse? Yeah that ring.

Hillene answered that special ring to hear that Himene was right around the corner! He had two bicycles in the van and planned to ride all through the night with us!

And so Himene road one of his bikes along side one of us runners all through the night. Lighting the way with his spotlight, keeping the bears away, fighting off predators, telling us jokes, .... all with a broken nose.



All of us Crackers, even the dudes, agree that we'd grab Himene for our extra spouse - if'n polygamy were to make its way back.

They do share, you know.


meg said...

Not a black one in the bunch, yeah?

You're crackers all right.

I want a Hillene and Himene for my very own. Only without the blood. I don't like blood.

Becca said...

Himene is one tough cookie! (And Hillene isn't too shabby herself.) I'll jump on their bandwagon too!

tom lindsey said...

WOW. You keep rarefied company!

And Himene-- very stand up effort. And what an awesome nose!! Also impressive that someone thought to bring along butterflies. I would have to use that crappy glue that is supposed to patch a tube but never works. Do you think you would have to use that little shiny scratchy cheese grater-ish thing on the nose in order for the patch to hold?

Were they surprised at how much gauze a determined surgeon can shove up a nose? Maybe Meg can tell us if there are bar bets over this kind of stuff? Who can use the most gauze, create the wackiest scar, leave their initials on a spleen?

meg said...

Tom, not so much bets of that kind, rather docs get a huge kick out of transplanting a black person's heart into a cracker--they want to see if the white man will finally find rhythm or at least jump higher.