Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wasatch Crack Relay: Post 10 of Many

Passing the RabidRunner

What does the rabidrunner do when passed? She hunts the passer down. She zeros in on them with cross hairs. She takes their picture. She exposes their story on the internet.

That'll show 'em. Won't it?

RabidRunner Passer #1


This little punk passed me a couple miles into my second leg. Notice his outfit. Resembles the uniform of a young cross country team. High school? Could even be junior high. After the punk passed me, the athletic supporters in the Crack-o-Van told him to slow down so they could get a picture of him behind me. And wouldn't you know it... he did! Backed up and ran behind me. Such a nice young man.

I tried to stay with him for around a half mile, but couldn't do it. That dude disappeared into the great beyond where Hillene told him that his future wife was a lucky girl.

RabidRunner Passer #2

Look at me! I'm at the top of a 7% grade hill. Ain't I bitchin'?
(yeah, yeah, yeah...)

This guy was on a team called the Six Legged Freaks, which is an ultra team. Ultra teams run the race with half the people (6 runners instead of 12). Being passed by this guy made me feel all sorts of pathetic because he will run twice as much as me. Turns out the Six Legged Freaks are a cross country alumni team from the University of Utah.

Washed up and fast. That's what them Freaks are.



Becca said...

Of course passer number one slowed you see how fantastic your legs look. His view was way better from behind!

meg said...

I'm with Becca, I'd not only slow down to run behind you for a better look, I'd probably pinch your insanely tight rump as I passed. Though this is the most unrealistic of all my tales; not only would I not be running, I'd most assuredly not pass the Rabid.

The MacMizzles said...

I have to get fast...what if you bring a sister, who can run maybe six miles...but it's be fast? I wanna go...I bet this reminds you of childhood. :)

Winder said...

So, I think I know the curly haired Six Legged Freak. Well, I don't know him (sprinters don't associate with distance Freaksunless they are Rabid) But he does look like someone I have seen at many a track meet.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?