Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too Many Notes

Have you seen Amadeus? (The movie, silly. Not him personally.)

This Amadeus movie is a dandy. At our house, one line of this movie is quoted more than any other quote. More than scriptures. More than Led Zeppelin. More than uplifting mantras to get me through the day. More than the lyrics to my favorite song (if I had a favorite song). More than the Dali Lama. This line, quoted from Amadeus, is said more often than "Put Your Shoes On!", which trust me, is said often.

This maxim, this verbiage of long-winded circumlocution, is "Too Many Notes."

Too Many Notes answers all of life's problems.

Fridge broken? Sprinklers on the fritz? Dog bites too much? Too Many Notes.

Garage door won't close? Car drips oil? Neighbors think you're nuts? Too Many Notes.

Washer won't spin? Sunburned back? Taxes bore you senseless? Too Many Notes.

Once our current problem has received a Too Many Notes diagnosis, the solution is simple: Remove a few notes here and there.

What do you quote at your house? Please do share.



Becca said...

The only thing I seem to quote at my house is myself.
For example, I say "Hey, go clean your room." Then an hour or so later I say
"Hey go clean your room." Then again a little later....well I think you get the picture!

Winder said...

What I quote is from numerous movies and books. Most of which have to do with a cheating husband (No, I don't suspect mine). I find myself saying "What time are you coming home?" or "When are you coming home?"

Buddy the Elf said...

Some commonly heard phrases at our home are "Hurry and get in the car, we have to beat the Rabid family to church!", "Why is our neighbor mowing the lawn on his knees?", and "That neighbor of ours is nuts."

meg said...

We are movie junkies.

Too many quotes.

This is a good question; one I must think on more fully.

Staci said...

Growing up, we always quoted the Princess Bride movie. You would be amazed at how many things in that movie can be quoted in everyday life. For example, "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife" seems to have enormous relevance. Quotes from that movie just pop out at the most inopportune moments and make me look really cheesy. (My family is known world-wide for it's cheesy sense of humor.)

Also, see if you can get this one from a different movie: "it's true, Lafue."

Vera said...

"I've got a beverage here".