Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Spurting Personality

I have a spurting personality. Meaning most moods and whatnot come in spurts.

Some might refer to these particular spurts as phases. I like to call them spurts because spurts are explosive, impetuous and unplanned. I get bushwacked by my spurts. Phases on the other hand, are rolling and graceful. One usually sees a phase coming.

My spurt for today? I don't want to work anymore. It's fragmenting my already fragmented brain passages. My electrically challenged and murky synapses are firing on mishap.

Causes mishappiness.

I don't work full time. I work from home. It's a sweet gig and I'm grateful for tit. However, I would rather teach the Yahoos a new skill, go to the library, lay in the shade with iced lemonade or hike. I want to spend more time training the dog, taking pictures and brushing up on schoolwork with the kiddies.

I want to... Surprise Spouse with a picnic. Scan old photos. Perform practical pranks. Spend a whole day forming alliterations. Waste time. Cook something new every day. Finish the Fablehaven sagas with the Yahoos. Write stuff. Relax with family. Watch children. Listen to children. Take notes. Renew friendships. Go on adventures with the Winder. Bake cookies. Watch Movies. Organize every last room in my house. Work in the yard. Visit a Farmer's Market. Sit on the porch with my dad. Finish Atlas Shrugged. Drink with Vera.

I have no time for cutesie crafts or activities. Leisure is something I get only while running or sleeping. I study tax code at the pool.

Oh if only my crazy persona would be okay without a job... if only money grew on trees... if only piano lessons [and cars and repairs and food] were free!

Alas, There's No Such Thing as Free. Except when it comes to Health Care. Health Care will be free! In that I'm free to go get a third job to pay for it.

(Incidentally, did you see that new spurt spontaneously erupt!? It's gonna be a spurty day.)


Brian said...

Health care for Freeeeeee? (evoking 'Bedtime Stories' freeeeee)... By the way, isn't this the point where he gets his wallet stolen? Sounds like the government plan for our health care, doesn't it ;)

tom lindsey said...

"It's a sweet gig and I'm grateful for tit"

So am I Rabid, so am I.

rabidrunner said...

Gufaw! Gufaw! Gufaw!

I was going to go back and fix my mistake, but decided against it! So very funny...

meg said...

Tom and I. Tom and me. We see what each other see.

Who isn't grateful for tit? It's so much easier to be grateful when they're not heavy, hurting your back.

Mandee said...

I could have written this today.

Minus the tit. I have little to be grateful for.

The MacMizzles said...

One thing is for sure though, the tits the spurting, it's consistent. It's great really, anyone who gets to be around you, is in for a real treat.