Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From the 2008 Running Log

Last night I was browsing through last year's running log. Mostly to see if I have it in me thus far to meet or exceed my Marathon PR from last year.

I keep my running log in an Excel spreadsheet. Everything is lined up in nice neat columns wherein the math is automatic. This nifty little bag o' bits keeps track of my weekly mileage and carries it over so I know my total mileage for the year. (Of course this happens only if I enter the calculations right.) I also keep notes on the happenings of that day's run.

While looking at the speedwork results, mileage and notes from last year, I discovered that I am so very interesting! Even a year later! Figured I'd share how interesting I am.

January 2, 2008
10.5 miles in 1:25 / average pace 8:12 / heart rate 152 average, 177 max / Hillene Loop

Frustrated today with my job and want to quit so badly. Took it out on a mini tempo. Felt better afterwards. Frostbit the big toe on my left foot a while back - today is the best it's felt in 10 days, but looks yellow and similar to death. Vented to gang about money. Prolly shouldn't do that.

(Photo not included in spreadsheet, but added for your viewing pleasure.)

January 3, 2008
9 miles / treadmill 2x1 repeats and a fast 1/2 mile / average pace 8ish

S'posed to meet "E" but my dang cough and sour throat kept me up all night - well not all night, but you now. I was going to take the day off but remembered my new fancy-pants spreadsheet and went to the gym...

January 9, 2008

10 miles in 1:38 / average pace 9:41 / hr 139, 156 max / Provo Loop

Six inches of new snow and it kept dumping! Everyone fell at least once. Me? Twice.

January 14, 2008

10.5 miles / average pace 8:14 / hr 139, 166 max / hill loop, Skyline and horse loop

Fun run. Wacky, one might say. Ms Mileage and I dressed the same (pink top, white vest, black pants, pink hat). I asked Hillene where she was going to which she said "hell" and I said "you're going home?" Also, Triabry initiated an ecclesastical endorsement by telling us to quit talking pornographic. We were talking about boobs (somehow those pesky ittle animals worm their way into most of our conversations).

January 15, 2008

5.5 miles on treadmill and spin then yoger later

Great music in both spin and yoger. That's all I member. Even though it was jist yesterday.

January 16, 2008

10 miles in 1:23 / average pace 8:22 / hr 147, 172 max / Provo bench loop

Cold as you know what and windier than you know what. Had trouble keeping up and a dog followed us back. Big wolf looking thing.

January 19, 2008

Painters 1/2 marathon in 1:35 / average pace 7:16 / hr NA

Drama. Maybe I'll blog about it.

That's it for January. Tune in next time when I tell you about February!

(Do you still want more Wasatch Crack? I've got loads of Crack from the Wasatch to share, if'n you're innerested).


Staci said...

I have many thoughts about this but I don't dare share. Or maybe . . .
1. Way to make me feel like a loser. High mileage, fast times.
2. I find it interesting that you wanted to quit your job then and still want to now. I'd take it for you if I could.
3. How did you get frostbite?
4.I find it even more interesting that you write such verbose and unique comments for a spreadsheet that is for your eyes only.
5. I want to know about August.
6. I can't get enough of Wasatch Back. Don't know why but I adore the pictures.

meg said...

It's pictures like your toes that make me all hungry for dinner. Give us more of that action and, of course, more Wasatch Crack.

Wasatch Crack! Bring it Back! Wasatch Crack! Bring it Back! (And on. Forget not I did time as a cheerleader.)

Honest to goodness, swear on my life and stuff, I not only like you a whole lot (more than is normal for only having met you in person twice),but I admire you. You are clever while being dedicated. You're a contentious mother, a loving wife, a good friend, careful with the body God gave you, and introspective enough to be useful but not to the point that you fall into yourself--a ledge on which I myself teeter.

And you live your life on spreadsheets. It's almost sexy, isn't it?

And oh, quit your job and stuff. Don't like it? Don't want to do it? I say quit. I also say spend lots of money on thinks like pricey bikes. No, those things don't necessarily go hand-in-hand, so to speak, but practicality has never been one of my strong suits. The plan: quit your job, buy a bike, and ride it to my house. Practicality, good sense, and realism be damned.

tom lindsey said...

Did Spouse make you wear socks to bed until that toe healed? eeewww!

I have always wanted to ride my bike across US Route 50 (california to maryland). If you do decide to ride to meg's and decide to use route 50 let me know.

rabidrunner said...

Staci - The frostbite came from snowshoeing. Was pain and more pain and then even more pain. I figured the running log spreadsheet is as close to a journal as I'm gonna get. I include many things in the spreadsheet. With much patience, you will one day see August.

Megan - Awe shucks. Spreadsheets ARE sexy. Gonna quit my job, get a couple credit cards, buy a bike and ride to you with open arms.

Tom - Spouse has no room to talk when it comes to appendages. Of course however, the frostbite came before his feet fiasco.

meg said...

With open arms? Be still my beating heart.

Becca said...

Loved that...except for the toe...ouch...and eeew... and I'm glad the crack is back...keep it coming!!!!

The MacMizzles said...

So glad that I get to live vicariously through your crack! You are too funny. Sista!