Friday, July 31, 2009

From The 2008 Running Log - February

February 6, 2008
7 miles in 56 minutes / Alpine loop

IT band troubles, but no worry! It'll go away with some stretching and ice. Went skiing. GREAT SNOW!!!! Total bummer tho 'cause the wind and the rain and the ice and the snow caused four avalanches in the canyon and everyone was stuck up there. They closed the lifts and sent us to our cars. Kind of freaky driving down through the avalanches (which had temporary drive-thrus dug through them). The snow was taller than my car on both sides.

I'll take a side of fries with that... biggie size!

February 9, 2008
Nada, zippo, nothing

Called in mental. IT band has been showing some trouble. I decided I'd rather not show up than have to turn around. It's all good though!*

February 12, 2008
2 miles / treadmill

IT band flared up during treadmill. Decided it's time for an IT Band Vacation! Yipee! Will call Doc Weenig.

February 20, 2008
5 miles in 40ish minutes / average pace 8:10 / hr 147, 185 max / Provo Bench Loop

Big pain today, had to turn around early. Everyone is so focused right now that it's annoying.

February 23, 2008
12.5 miles in 1:42 / average pace 8:19 / hr 150, 189 max / Alpine Figure 8

SO GRATEFUL! So full of it. Great run. I'm feeling all sorts of stressed about how intense and fast everyone in "O" is running... so I started with "E" with the hope of going 10 but made it 12.5. No pain. Then went skiing - the sun was shining and there were 15 inches of new. And to top off an already fabulous day, the girls (Downhill Diva, Trailtrekker, Hillene, E, and Ms Mileage) all went to the Bombay House. Stayed until they closed. GREAT DAY!!!

February 29, 2008
5 miles in 38 minutes

Got up at 4:15 to be at the gym at 4:30 so as to be home by 6:00 for Spouse. I went out to the garage and the garage door was broken! I had to wake Spouse up to help. In other sad and unrelated news... Spouse sold the Fat Boy today. It's a sad day. No Harley and the garage door is broken.

Get a load of me being positive over my injury. Figured that if I write positive in the log, it'll carryover into real life...


tom lindsey said...

So what did you do for the ITBS? I am quite prone to this injury-- like every time I descend a hike or a long downhill run. Son and I climbed Sunset and Pioneer peaks this weekend and predictably I had to hobble back to the car.

Getting old sucks

rabidrunner said...

ITBS is a good one (good in that it's bad). Stretch the hips LOTS. It originates at the hip. Here's a youtube video:

Do it three times a day for a few minutes. You can also get one of the ITBS straps. You strap it above the knee kind of tight like. That helps keep the IT band from rubbing so bad.

rabidrunner said...

"So badly"... I'm a hick, I tell you.

tom lindsey said...


I have one of the straps-- I feel like such poser when I wear it so I don't.

On reflection, I am not sure when I became a woman and started caring about what others think. And when did I start having feelings?

tom lindsey said...

So, one more question. My Suunto X6HR has finally conked out and I am reluctantly in the market for a replacement and am wondering how you like the Garmin?

rabidrunner said...

As far as I know, the Garmin is the best GPS for running. I don't know of anything that compares. I currently have the Garmin Forerunner 305 and would suggest you get that one. Amazon has it right now for around $160 (which is a smokin' deal).

The 405 is not very easy to use or read (and over twice the cost). I have a friend with one and she's always fiddling with it.

Garmin has the "next generation" of the 305 out now. It's thinner and completely waterproof. However, someone said it's around 540 bones. Not worth it (unless of course, you want to swim with it).

The downside of the Forerunner is it's life expectancy. I've yet to get more than 18 months to two years from them. The buttons wear out, or the battery goes, or who knows. Garmin replaced one of my watches fer free (covered under the one year guarantee). The other two I've had to just buy again.

So. With that said, I'd by the 305 and get an extended warranty.

tom lindsey said...

Thanks. I just clicked the button at Amazon-- it will be here on Wednesday.

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