Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wasatch Crack Relay: Post 6 of Many

Happy Birthday To Me!


At 12:08am on Saturday, June 20, 2009, I turned down the tunes and made an announcement to the teammates in my van: "It's my birthday now. Sing to me!"

In the which they sang Happy Birthday Dear Rabid in pleasant harmonious tones while I did my best to conduct. Downhill Diva surprised us all with her soprano of tessituric quality.

At 1:05pm on Saturday, June 20, 2009, I turned to my teammates and proclaimed: "It's the official time of my birth. I'm 37 now. Sing to me!"

In the which they sang to me again in pleasant harmonious tones while I did my best to conduct.
They also provided an impromptu encore of Happy Birthday Dear Rabid while I was climbing the beast known as "Ragnar."


tom lindsey said...

If I would have known I would have wished you happy birthday while we stood in the rain.

and now for some geek fun ...

1+1+1=3, 3x37=111
2+2+2=6, 6*37=222
3+3+3=9, 9*37=333
4+4+4=12, 12*27=444
5+5+5=15, 15*37=555
6+6+6=18, 18*37=666
7+7+7=21, 21*37=777
8+8+8=24, 24*37=888
9+9+9=27, 27*37=999

meg said...

Three things:

First: I love it when you say "in the which," I love it so much that I am tempted to say it too, but then I do not, for I like it best from you.

Second: What in Sam Hill is "tessituric," Miss Music?

Third: This hill called Ragnar is a beast, you say? Why the heck didn't this person Barfing Hillene do it then? Rumor has it (or rather, Rabid's blog had it), she's a nut for that stuff.

rabidrunner said...

Tom, you're so smart. I assume this works with any age? Do you print it in your kids' birthday cards? Are they tired of seeing it yet?

Megan, you should join the "in the which" club. It makes you feel all Mormon and Shakespearean at the same time. Sigh.

AND - you got me on tessituric - for it is not a real word in it's above referenced form. Tessitura is, however It's the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre (definition from Wiki).

Hillene ran the first half of Ragnar, I did the second. Those nice relay folks split it up. For the record, Hillene had a more difficult middle run, so her combined legs were much more difficult than mine.

tom lindsey said...

Nope, it does not work with any age. The number 37 is 'magic'.

rabidrunner said...

Yip. Figured that out AFTER I posted my response. I'm that kint of talk before you try it person.

rabidrunner said...

Also that kind of not-look-at-firefox's-nifty-underline-misspelled-words person.