Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Under Construction

June 9, 2009

Please pardon the dust while I figure out how the heck to reconstruct the rabidrunner blog. Needs something. Botox, nose job, augmentation... something. The old template was shared from some nice person who wanted to share blogger templates. This nice person decided not to be nice anymore and removed it. So give me a few days to figure out what to do next.

I figured, however, that most of you are using the googley reader at www.google.com/reader - so the template is hardly necessary or even noticed. Not using www.google.com/reader? Get with the times!

In other news, the rabidrunner has parked www.rabidrunner.com! From now on, you can open your browser of choice and type www.rabidrunner.com to get to the rabidrunner blog.

Neat, huh!?

I had ravenous jealousy thoughts over someone else having www.rabidrunner.com, so I took matters in my own pocket. It'll cost me a whole 10 bucks a year... might have to start selling advertising to cover my new expenses.

Anyone have something they wanna sell?


meg said...

Sure. I'll sell my inlaws.

LaurieJ said...

I probably felt way cooler than I should have when I bought my own domain..

Loved your mid life blog. I know a few of those :-)