Monday, June 22, 2009

One of Them Moms

Somehow, over the last 8 years and one month, I've turned into one of those "What's the point in showering today" kind of people. How do I fix that?

Really friends, what's the point? I work in the Windowless Basement Office. Nobody sees me. The Yahoos are filthy within 30 seconds of stepping themselves out of the tub, so naturally they don't care. Spouse? He's just happy to see skin. Unless I'm caked in mud, lint and marbles, he won't notice the current level of clean (or dirty).

Then there's the house work, yard work, car work, photoshop work. All this work that makes me dirty. So what if I've run 9 miles and muscled my way (ungracefully) through a yoger class... I'm just going to get dirty again... what's the point?

I swore over Jim Morrison's grave (by proxy of course) that I wouldn't be one of them "What's the Point in Showering Today" moms. What's next? Polyester, stretchy-waste-band pants that rise to just below my droopy boobies? Housecoat? A Perm?



Winder said...

I say just try not showering for a few days and see if you can stand being with yourself. I think that it might be a great experiment!

Becca said...

Maybe we should start a support group because I am turning into one of those moms.

The MacMizzles said...

Well, try showering, but just not really making too big of a fuss over your appearance...that's my secret.

Buddy the Elf said...

I don't mind you being "one of those moms", unless I start to smell it over at my house. Then I will notify you that it is time to shower.