Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day Of Mourning


Today is a sad day. Sadder than yesterday. And much, much sadder than the day before that. The King of Pop is no longer with us.

We will celebrate Michael's life today. (Michael and I have been on a first name basis since the fifth grade, 27 years if you must know how long ago that was.) We will watch the Thriller video (even though the Yahoos are scared to death by it). We will do the Thriller dance. We will do the moon walk. We will wear a sequined glove. We will pretend we're Strangers in Moscow.

In essense, we will have an "All Michael, All Day" day. I will wake at the Break of Dawn in a State of Shock to look at the Man In The Mirror. This will be Bad because I am a woman, not a man (some like to call me Dirty Diana). It's Human Nature to Rock With You. If you don't agree, Beat It - for I Wanna Be Startin' Something. My advice to you?

Enjoy Yourself
and Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.

In regards to the Wasatch Crack Relay Recap (or WCRR), it will hafta wait a day. I can't type while wearing a glove on my left hand.


Winder said...

How do you do it? I am just not quite so clever! Alas, at least I have you as a friend to keep me entertained!

tom lindsey said...

The Romans have an answer for everything ...

"The part of live we really live is small. For all the rest of existence is not life but merely time."

The MacMizzles said...

This post is brilliant. You really are a genius.