Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yahoo #3

May 31, 2009


The family has expanded. We've added another dynamic, which includes a new personality and new responsibilities. I know you have lots of questions, so just for you and our unknown future, I've prepared an FAQ. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm here for you.


Is that YOUR dog? Yes. Got him Saturday (5/30/09)

Boy or girl? Boy. This makes the boy/girl ratio at our house 4/1 instead of the 3/1 ratio of Friday. I'm still the princess around here. Don't forget it.

Where did you get him? The animal shelter. The shelter's web site has been among the rabidrunner's surfing spots for a few weeks. On Saturday, the Spouse, Yahoos and I fetched a truck bed-full of dirt. This was for the pumpkin patch. Being as the shelter is conveniently within reach of the dirt firm, we stopped.

Do you feel pompous and bombastic because you got him from a shelter and thus saved him from an inescapable euthanization? Of course. I feel self-righteous about everything.

How old is he? 7 months. We're calling his birthday October 31, 2008.


What kind of dog is he? A Hound X - which is shelter speak for Hound Mix. Prolly got some beagle or coon hound or basset hound or whippet (Devo anyone? I say whippet! Whippet good!)

Has he caught any rodents yet? No. Our hood is Celestial. There are no rodents in these parts.

Does he bark? Don't know yet. Waited at the shelter for an hour to hear him bark. The bark could be a deal breaker you know. After an hour of bondage (bonding, not the act of imprisoning) we decided to take him home without hearing a bark.

Does your extended family know yet? Nope - 'cept one. Consider this the lazy man's announcement.

What's his name? To protect his preciousness, we're going to keep his nom de guerre from potential internet predators. He'll be referred to as Yahoo #3. (Somebody gave him a name, we like it and he comes when called. It will stay.)

Is he house trained? The folks at the shelter say he is. Didn't make it through the night however.

Is there anything you don't like about him? He's black. Black dogs are hard to photograph. Similar to all those black tuxes at a wedding. Very challenging. Then you throw that big white dress in there and it's impossible to get detail on both the black and the white. It's a good thing tuxes don't have lace. I'm praying for a resurgence in powder-blue. And ruffles.

Does he sleep in one of those new-fangled kennel things that they use to train dogs these days? You betcha.

Do those silky soft ears feel as good as they look? Yes. Only better.

Is he a hyper? Nope. Wondering if he's all right upstairs. In his defense, our house is known to be a bit overwhelming. We're taking him to the vet tomorrow for a rabies vaccination (no rabiddog to go with the rabidrunner) and to schedule a neutering. There's a good chance that the de-nuttering will make him even more mellow. Is that possible? (Did you notice that I just asked a question in an FAQ!? You can't do that on the internet!)


Do you get a tax deduction for him? I wish. Maybe Barry can help me with that.


Becca said...

He's very cute and you're very brave!

meg said...

I awwwed when you popped up in my Reader. Audibly.

I was just saying to Whitney yesterday that dog people are nice people. You're nice.

He's perfect.

But a shedder I assume, as that looks like fur instead of hair.

So I'm curious about the fortitude of your vacuum.

The MacMizzles said...

AHHHHHHHHH! I am stoked, I cannot wait to meet him. I bet yahoo one and two are so happy. I'll be over.

Staci said...

Cuter than I imagined. Happy getting-to-know-you time.

Anonymous said...

Now does Yahoo #1 have another excuse to claim Poor Little Guy cause he has to take #3 for a walk??

Lauren and JC said...

Love the new addition. When you talk to your cousin, tell him how many positive things Yahoo #3 has added to your family. I'm trying to talk him into getting a Yahoo (dog-version) for our family.

Anonymous said...

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