Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pork Relations

iMay 13, 2009

I have a friend who's owned several PR firms. Being an aficionado of all things running, one might think this post's accronymal reference to PR would stand for Personal Record, but it doesn't. It's doesn't stand for Party Race either.

In many circles, PR stands for Public Relations. Today's post is about Public Relations that involve Pork - Pork Relations, if you will.

Now back to my friend of many PR firms. She is very good at the PR thing. Most of her public relating has to do with pushing software, but she does dabble in other markets.

After I developed a friendship with this PR Empress, I began to pay attention to news items that get a lot of attention. Mostly I try to determine if the top new story was found by the news organization or if a PR firm was hired to squeeze that news into the mainstream.

An example? The Swine Flu.

What PR firm was hired to push this one? And more importantly, what terrorist organization hired them?


P.S. How on earth did you all let me forget about Multiple Choice Monday? Shame on you!

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