Monday, May 18, 2009

Multiple Choice Monday - Spouse

May 17, 2009


Sometimes Spouse deserves his own sentence - complete with it's own paragraph and period. Because he's great? No. Because he's my soul mate, love of my life, my schnookums? Nope.

Spouse deserves his own own one-word sentence because he is annoying and clever all at the same time. Do you see the similarity? A one word sentence is annoying and clever all at the same time too!

Which brings us to the multiple choice:

A) Spouse is Cleverly Annoying (annoying all the time but caked with clever).

B) Spouse is Annoyingly Clever (clever all the time but frosted with annoying).

C) Spouse is only Annoying.

D) Spouse is only Clever.

E) We should get a dog.


Becca said...

I pick B--which is almost as annoying as A but perhaps a bit more endearing.

It might also be as annoying as walking down stairs the Monday after a marathon.

The MacMizzles said...

I choose E

Staci said...

Annoyingly clever--but not all the time.

Winder said...

I choose B. Even though every time I call he is just annoying! It wouln't be the same phone call if he wasn't though.

The petulant ninny said...

And here I thought I was cloyingly annoying.