Monday, May 25, 2009

Multiple Choice Monday - Music and Camping

May 25, 2009

Music can make or break any movie. If you don't believe me, go get yourself that Marie Antoinette movie. Great story, super-duper costumes, beastly music. On the contrary, go get yourself that Madagascars 2 movie. Sleeper of a story, down-right confusing at times, but redeemed nicely by the music. (Yahoo #2 calls it Madagascars, with the extra 's', instead of the proper Madagascar, so naturally it's Madagascars at our house)

Music can also make or break any camping trip. Country music for example. Which reminds of me of a good joke. What do you get when you play country music backwards? You get your wife back... you get your dog back... you get your house back... you sober up....

You'd think that a camping trip would be the best place for country music. I don't agree. Country music doesn't have a place in my house, let alone my tent (hence the never take it on a camping trip. Camping is technically a vacation and people shouldn't do or listen to things they don't like on vacation).

Incidentally, I should prolly refrain from blacklisting all country music - being as I have been known to listen (and enjoy) Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, a Duh-Wite (Yokum), Slim Whitman and the like. But country music is just so danged goofy! You'd think that I'd like country now since they've all but burned those six-sizes-too-tight Wranglers. You'd think. Sadly, the designer jeans addition to the country scene didn't change anything. Maybe, just maybe... if they'd lose the hickish-I'm-uneducated-drawl... I might like it.

Well. Prolly not.

Today's Multiple Choice Monday is about the marriage of Music, Movies and Camping. If you could only take one Movie Music Master camping (as if you'd even get the chance at one movie music master, let alone limiting it to one), who would it be?

A) Michael Giacchino (Lost, Star Trek, The Incredibles, Speed Racer, Muppet Monster Adventure)

B) Danny Elfman (Big Fish, Beetlejuice, Batman Returns, new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chicago, Weird Science, Nacho Libre, Meet the Robinsons, Mars Attacks, The Simpsons Theme, Desperate Housewives theme)

C) Hans Zimmer (Madagascars 1&2, all Pirates of the Caribbeans, Mission Impossible II, Muppet Treasure Island, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Simpsons Movie, The Lion King)

D) John Williams (Star Warses, Harry Potterses, Indiana Joneses, Jurassic Parkses, all the heavy-handed, over-dramatic stuff, Johnny appears to be sleeping with Steven Speilberg and George Lucas so he gets what he wants from them... Gilligan's Island, Gidget, Jaws, E.T., the list goes on and on...)

I want to know your opinion on this one. I will, however, grant extra credit to the first one to guess who'd I'd take.


Anonymous said...

Easy one... Elfman

Anonymous said...

Oops.. Easy one meaning Elfman for you...

Where are the Newman's in your list: Alfred, Thomas and Randy????

Brian said...

I like Elfman. I also like Howard Shore (Lord of the Ringses, my precious) and have liked James Horner since Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. I agree with anonymous, me thinks you'd like Elfman. Just for the fact we grew up on Boingo.

The MacMizzles said...

I am going to choose A, not because he is my favorite, because the nature of the movies he orchestrates. Should there be a major adventure, or a series of betrayals among camp mates, his music would be more interesting.

You would take Elfman.