Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We Owe it All to the Titanic

April 7, 2009

Business today would be different had the Titanic made it's destination.

Why? Because more business-related analogies were spawned by the sinking of the Titanic than any other historic event. How else would you describe your CEO bailing before the business crumbles? Or the CFO sticking it out to the end? Or the stock market? Or employee compensation?

You need the Titanic to describe it adequately.

Without the Titanic it would be something like this: The CEO could see that the business had more debt than it could ever account for and wouldn't make the numbers. So he resigned and held a press conference and the stock plummeted and the people were ticked because he knew what would happen and dumped his 30 million in stock before he resigned. Now the employees have their blood, sweat, tears and shoe allowance locked up in a crappy stock that isn't worth anything.

With the Titanic: The Captain jumped on the life boat and let the Titanic sink.

See?! We owe it all to the Titanic.

Tune in next time where I pay tribute to Jim Jones.


megan said...

Our favorite to describe one bad decision after another: "its like switching deck seats on the titanic"

tom lindsey said...

How disappointing. I thought this was going to be another recipe; perhaps a stew or meat smoothie.

Julia said...

I love this post. It is so true. Good luck with the taxes. Just 5 more days... How are you doing, by the way. Long time, no talk.