Friday, April 24, 2009

A Very Special Dog

April 24, 2009

Let me tell you about the first day I met Vera.  Spouse and I had just purchased our house. To finalize some details, we needed to make a mid-day excursion to the new "hood". I believe this particular trip involved a vinyl perimeter to contain the Chow Chow and the Lab Lab. Spouse was unseasonably mopey - having sold his precious Honda CBR to finance the operation.  Notice the reoccurring theme of motorcycle metamorphosis around here.

Spouse and I were lounging about in the front yard, waiting for the contractor, (imagine that... waiting for the contractor) when Vera wondered down - just like a new neighbor in the movies would wander. A terrier half-breed was skipping beside her. (She wasn't Vera yet, however. Vera came later.)

So Vera picks up the precious pup, strokes it lovingly and says, "Have you seen the UPS guy?"


"Okay. If you see him, send him up." With that, Vera turned around, dog nuzzled safely on her shoulder and walked home.

That's a very special dog, I thought to myself.

Let me tell you about the second time I met Vera.  On Memorial Day 2000, Spouse and I moved in. While heaving and ho-ing some uselessly large object, Vera pulled up in her shiny, silver, rim-pimped Lexus GS 350. The window rolled down slowly - just like a limo window would roll down slowly in the movies - to reveal that same terrier half-breed. On the lap of Vera. Grinning. Vera shouts above her obnoxiosly loud tunes, "We [as in me and the dog] are going to the grocery store. Need anything?"

That's a very special dog, I thought again.

That dog's name is Ziggy.

(For the record, I never got a ride in that car. Vera did take me to the grocery store on occasion though.)

Fast-forward eightish years. Vera phones one evening with, "Come see my new tat!"

"Right on!" I say and run up. Vera, half-dressed, answered the door and flipped around - just like an ice skater would answer the door and flip around in the movies. A third of her back's real estate was dedicated to an uncommonly accurate portrait of Ziggy, the terrier half-breed.

A very special dog indeed.

Ziggy passed away two days ago at the age of 16. The hood will do some serious mourning.


Vera said...

When I bought that Lexus, the first thing Stu said was "Don't put that Dog in the Car". I opened the dog, she jumped in and away we went. I actually bought that car for her..she needed something nice to ride in.

There are very few really special people or things that rank at the top....the Rabid Runner is very close to the top.

Thanks for being how you are.

Staci said...

Oh my word. SAD! This is why I can't have pets. It breaks my heart when they die and they always die. I cry more at movies where animals die than when people die.

This is a beautiful tribute.

Anonymous said...

This is Stu. Vera and I and some acquaintances went to a musical event a few weeks ago. Lucas Nelson was the opener. One of his songs had a lyric in it that went "my tears tell a story my words can never say".
Damn dog.