Thursday, April 23, 2009

Give That Mind a Beating!

April 23, 2009

Yesterday, I phoned the Winder to confess my crappy-mom sin-nature. As mention in the post of yesterday, I had allowed Yahoo #1 to push a button, send me over the edge and lost it.


('Round here, capitalization is strategic. All caps are a BIG deal.)

So I explain it all to the Winder. I start out with blatant justification, move on to humble acceptance (of my behavior), and finish with prevention. "If I had gotten up to run, everything would have been fine" said I. "If I don't start the day out tired, I'm in trouble."

The Winder, in all 180 degrees of her genius, replies with: "Yeah. That's the thing about you... If you don't beat your mind up first, it'll get the best of you later."

True. So dad-gum true.

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tom lindsey said...

Sadly, we all "lose it" from time to time. Here is how I look at things:

If we freak out over a missing shoe how in the hell are we going to top that performance when the stakes are really high? Personally I am not very creative and I just don't need that kind of pressure. If someone is truly offended by my child's bare feet I may feel inclinded to offer a small token of remorse, perhaps an apology. The more likely response: remove my own shoes and offer them the finger.

My kids know this to be absolutely true-- and that knowledge has power :)