Monday, March 16, 2009

Too Much Lost!

March 16, 2009

In my dream the other night, Desmond (above) needed a haircut.

"Rabid brotha, would you cut m' hair?"

"Why sure Desmond."

So I cut his hair. Then we decided to become pen pals. He could tell me about Scotland and I could tell him about American Fork. Desmond and I exchanged info and he left with a final, "See ya in anotha life, brotha."

The next day, Desmond is murdered. What do the authorities find on his person? MY name and address. What do they find at my house? Thousands of HIS hairs.

I was so busted for a crime I didn't commit.

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Ellvie said...

That's intense!
After watching too much "Deadwood", I dreamed about Al Swerengen refusing to sell me beef jerky for Annie because he wanted me to gamble.
Now that I am watching "Rome" I will probably start deaming about Caesar.
Unfortunately he is not as hot as Desmond.