Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Facebook is a Train Wreck

March 24, 2009

I am not a facebook personality.

I don't necessarily care much about the "one-liner what-are-you-doings" or the two-liner "what-are-you-thinkings". Most of it is dull and without interest. I mean who cares if you're going to your cousin's uncle's wife's son's wedding today or getting ready for work or counting toothpicks in the new box you purchased to ensure all 100 made it?

I'm not interesting in collecting friends or items that I'm a fan of. I find your quizzes disturbingly trite. I don't find a reason to poke or send good karma or imaginary drinks. I don't care if I'm smarter than others (based on an IQ test written by someone who doesn't know the difference between accepted and excepted).

On facebook, most people reveal too much. (This, let me remind you, is from someone who blogged about boogers.) Some think facebook to be "safe" because you have to "allow" people to see your profile. It's seems to have slipped by many that while on facebook, you can control who your friends are, but not what they say or post a photo of. More importantly, you can't control your friend's friends.

Ten minutes of facebook roaming - specifically the photos - will reveal more than 10 hours on a blog. Maybe it's because when you blog, you know that your post could make it to Greenland or Mars and you might use a bit of censorship to protect your chitlins and your whatnots.

I'm not necessarily interested in regrouping with high school has-beens. Although thanks to photoshop, I've morphed my way into something dangerously beautiful. I no longer need to make an appearance at my upcoming reunion (20 biguns next year) to show how awesome my life is.

See - here I am. Beautiful. AND I golf.

Mock as I may, I'm not a facebook personality. But it's a train wreck and I cannot stop looking.


Becca said...

I have tried, but facebook really isn't my thing. And guess what? I'm not bugged at all.
And you are right, it is August--the 20th to be exact.
Now I expect a present!

meg said...

I tell my friends who are facebookers that they should hang their heads in shame. Then I realize that I find myself saying that a lot. To a lot of people. So that means that everyone is doing it. So am I just not one of the cool kids? Should I be the one hanging my head in shame. Nope. Just because everyone's doing something, Megan, doesn't mean that it's cool. It usually means the opposite. Duh.

I had a dream about you. I don't remember it. But I know I had one.

The MacMizzles said...

I've more professional connections through FB than sweat, tears, and hard work...go figure.