Monday, March 09, 2009

Changes In Telephony

March 9, 2009

The rampant increase in phone numbers has forced us all to dial 10 digits. Ten whole digits! Even if you live in the same area code. Realistically, it's 17 digits and a hang-up. This is because you phone a friend with their normal 888-1234 only to have Silicone Sally reprimand you for leaving off the area code. So you hang up and dial 801-888-1234. Tedios (that's Spanish for Tedious).
This reminds me of another telephony change, which may or may not be that big of a deal to you, but a change that would alter my little life forever. Well maybe not forever, but from the change 'til now.
Remember the rotary phone? My dad had an almond colored rotary phone with stainless accents. Was a sweet phone. He refused to go digital - something about the fun he had watching the circles go back and forth. This was all great... until... UNTIL... the phone company said, Mr. Runner, you need a digital phone if you want to make phone calls. Dad said Forget You! and refused to conform (now you know where I get it).

That was 1992. Daddy still has no phone.


Winder said...

I remember growing up in a certain town. In my days you didn't even have to dial all 7 digits. You just had to dial the last 1 of the prefix and the other 4. Wow! Am I old or what?

Diane said...

you must have your dad watch this...

truly funny stuff.

Love your posts btw. We're still chuckling around here from the vinyl lettering post.

Becca said...

My phone is doesn't make me dial the area code. (Be Jealous!)

Sparks said...

That is spectacular.

How the heck did I miss this post?