Thursday, February 19, 2009


February 19, 2009

I'm feeling really.... um... blah.

Not sad. Not happy. Nothing. So what do I do when this happens? I start typing. Let it all out. Then come back to ixnay on the cuss words. That last step is crucial. I don't want my posterity or heaven forbid, the in-laws, to know about my trash talkin' mush mouth.

It's quite magical, really. To sit down, type and type and type, and think and stew without hesitation. You should try it. Sit down and just type. Type every last word that comes into the head, every last image. And don't hesitate. If you hesitate you'll ruin the experience and you might miss something important.

For example... I have just now discovered that I was wrong about feeling blah. The real feeling here is....

I'm not hungry. And it's good to be hungry.

Hunger intensifies. Hunger motivates. Hunger is the process. Hunger brightens. Hunger challenges. Hunger makes you want more.

It is the hunger that makes you who you are. Not the acquisition.

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The MacMizzles said...

Hunger that is never fed is called starvation. It depletes, it steels from other sources, it craves large quantities. In early stages, hunger is our greatest tool to be healthy and energized. If ignored, it becomes an obsession without a real focus.

Great post!