Friday, January 30, 2009

Thots of Randomness

January 30, 2009

If you've been around a few years, you'd know that I do customer support for a software company that files tax returns. As in THE U.S. Tax Return. I enjoy it mostly. It's entertaining, I feel helpful and it gives me yet another excuse to yell at congress for bastardizing the rules for the IRS. (That's right folks, don't blame the IRS for your tax bill. Blame the powers at Capital Hill).

See that's the irony of it. We're the software company. When customers don't like what they see, they yell at me IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCESSIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! The truth is, they're mad at the IRS for doing what congress told them to. So many directions to point fingers - so little time.

This year we are Bi - Bi - Bi - Bi -ZEEEEEE! I don't currently have the time to keep notes on topics of interest. And I certainly don't have time to mold multiple topics together to make a cohesive post.

All you get today are Thots of Randomness.

  • I live in the best neighborhood on the planet. Sure of it. Where else will you find a Vera (who gets you hooked on soy milk) and a Stu Pidasso and a Running Brother Bruce and his wife Morta and a Buddy The Elf (who always asks your favorite color when you phone)?

  • I giggle whenever "Stimulus" and "Package" are used in the same sentence.

  • It gives me the warmest of fuzzies when people acknowledge the Yahoo's birthdays. I must pass this on and do the same.

  • Just passed the 3 month mark of the Consumer Cleanse. 9 to go!

  • Haven't purchased music in over a month. Ouch. (Note that music is not part of the Consumer Cleanse).

  • This Truth To Power post gave me a good wallop. Helped me realize that I need to put more energy into honest relationships (to which I have a stable handful) and less into those who won't let me have a bitchy day.

  • Speaking of honest relationships, I have a hygienist friend/running buddy who promises to pluck my chin hairs if debilitation renders me unable to do so myself. AND she won't make fun of me for being hairy.

  • Beethoven is my favorite composer for piano.

  • I get the butterflies when I click the "Publish Post" button.

  • This is my favorite shirt - this week.

  • I find all discussions of weight horribly dull. Your own? Someone else's? Doesn't matter. DULL.

  • I'm often smothered by the culture in my religion.

  • Any object installed into the human body - for vanity - scares me. Unless it's an IUD. (Is it vain NOT to have more children than you can handle? "A Man's Got To Know His Limitations".)

  • Spouse still looks at me with wanton eyes. Prolly 'cause I know stuff about taxes. And Clint Eastwood. And I have an IUD.

  • Let me know if this blog turns into a primordial brag fest. I'd rather it smack me betwixt the eyes with honesty.


meg said...

Maybe one of my favorite blog posts I've ever read. And I don't just mean on your blog. (It always helps when I get a special link of my very own.)

I love my IUD. We've been going together for 6 years now. It's a hot relationship.

Very glad we've met in blog land.

Mandee said...

Aaron says you're bragging about your IUD.

I think you're funny, with all the "bastardizing", and the stimulus package...

we love to lay in bed on a Friday night and laugh at you... or with you. we just like you.

happy birthdays to the yahoo's. and happy anniversary, too.

Buddy the Elf said...

I have to agree that you live in the best neighborhood. Where else could I have the rabid runner's yahoo over for lunch and have him inform us that his mom is "super hot!" I get a kick out of that kid & his super hot mom.
PS What's your favorite color?

The McMillans said...

I love making a huge deal about your yahoos. They are are a pretty big deal. Also, I laughed so hard at "wanton eyes" You are the funniest person. Ever.

Staci said...

Ohh, so many things to respond to I just can't even attempt. Honestly, I feel the urge to make comments on each of these topics because I can I am just so OPINIONATED!! (Did you get that little bit of irony with the capitals and exclamations and, oh, I am so dumb.)

Oops sorry, I just posted something about weight . . . don't read it.

Staci said...

PS I meant to say, I posted something on my own blog. I sure wish you could edit comments.

tom lindsey said...

Ripped from the headlines:

Stimulus Package Set to Grow in Senate...