Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just What The Doctor Ordered

January 31, 2009

ACTUALLY.... the doctor didn't order it, Spouse did.
But then Spouse does like to play doctor. (Scandalous!)





Two hours alone in the car.
No whining.
No back seat Yahoos saying,
"Turn it Down!"
Hiked to Ozone, traversed to Pzone.
Blue Slip, Belmont, Powder Keg and more!
80 tunes heard.
In the Ski playlist of 709.
Watched two helicopter's land.
Lunch with Daddy.
Thank ya dear. Was a great day.


The McMillans said...

Ah, powder Keg. What a fun day, did you ski kingston? Just two more months.

Becca said...

Sometimes spouses know more than doctors--but only sometimes--and we probably shouldn't tell them that either! Glad you had fun-you needed it!

Staci said...

Jealousy. I'm trapped in my body!

Winder said...

WOW!! I need my spouse to order something like that.

Andrea Brown said...

Can you say jealous? Alas, I am not to ski this year. Actually I did sneak one day in, but don't tell. Your day sounds wonderful!