Wednesday, January 30, 2008

English Anomaly of the Week


Why is Content the opposite of Contention?

Explanations are welcome.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cyber Play


My yahoos love to play together. They come up with some of the cleverest activities. The greatest thing about their play is the need to "pause." As in "Yahoo... Pause the game I need to go potty" or "Pause it while we eat!" or "Can we pause so that I can find Moosey?"

The thing is, that during this play there aren't any paddles or joysticks or remotes to "pause" and neither of them know how to hold still.

Springer meets Oprah meets Dr Phil meets Tyra Banks meets…?


There’s a Dandy Warhol tune titled We Used To Be Friends. It’s one of my favorite Dandy Tunes. I’ve known about it since it’s release in 2003. Great song. I just now realized that my fascination with the song was one of those foreshadowey-fortune-telling revelations.

Some history. I had a friend - someone who put me in a whole mess of compromising situations. All of which I allowed to roll off my shoulders into the virtual let-it-go puddle. There was a problem, however. The puddle was more of a funnel. I would let-it-go into the funnel and slowly the feelings would dribble into a nice neat pond down the street. (Have you noticed that I’m into funnel metaphors?)

One day the funnel wasn’t big enough. Or shall I say the compromising situation this time could not be contained in my limited patience (emphasis on limited - everyone knows I'm the queen of patience!) I blew. During my volcanic-overflowing-funnel-of-hurt fest, I expressed my frustration (rather harshly I must add) with her incessant need to compete. I should also note that we ran together.

So it’s been six months since the episode. She tried to bring mutual friends into the mess and I tried my darndest to keep my mouth shut about it. It’s a dumb chick fight – who wants to hear about that?

Then Episode Friend turned me into the bad guy and sent me e-mails about how badly I’d hurt her. No ownership on her part - it was all my fault. So I blocked her e-mail. I had blogging to do! Who can concentrate when someone is telling you how rotten you are?

Up to date. I went to the St George to run a half marathon this weekend. I had hopes of running my best for that day. If all went well, I’d beat my time from last year. Episode Friend happens to run the race too. Not much of a surprise being as we’re creatures of habit and this was a habitual race.

The race started off well. I felt good. I was having a good time. Around mile 6ish, Episode Friend pulls up beside me (too close for comfort), grins at me and says “Hi.” It wasn’t a friendly “Hi,” it was more of a game on “Hi.” So several things went through my mind - first of which was that she showed up today with one goal in mind – to beat me. Not beat her time from last year, but beat ME.

It’s also important to note that neither of us are or ever will be Olympic caliber athletes. There were plenty of people ahead of us and plenty of people behind us.

The two of us went back and forth for a while, around 5 miles to be exact (since when was the term "around" mean "exact"? hehehe) We had our picture taken together (me sporting a cheesy grin of course). And the whole time, I was thinking “run your own race – forget she’s there.”

At the end of that five-mile reunion, it all became painfully clear. Our friendship did not end due to the compromising situation. In my heart of hearts (I love to say that, cause what else would it be - my heart of squares or my heart of kidneys?)… anyway, in my heart of hearts I want my friends, the people I love, to do the best that they can, to be the best people they can be… especially if that is better than I myself can do or be. In the ten years I have known Episode Friend, I never once felt that from her.

I stopped and walked. She wins.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth...


... is NOT Disneyland. It's Borders.

Think about it. Books, music, the smell of coffee. A chair here and there to drop yourself and browse through whatever you find yourself fancying. A full paperback romance section (next to the adult how-to books... awesome placement, don't you think?) It's got Photography, Art, Drama, Comedy and ornately beaded bookmarks to Feng Shui your reading space. And last but not least, a kiddy section complete with stuffed animals, mysteries, science fiction, and 235 different books about tractors and cars and trucks to add to the 512 that we already have.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008



I've missed my calling in life. I should have gone into Internet Analytics. There are two questions, faithful reader, that I hear you asking this very minute. They are: 1) What are Internet Analytics? and 2) Why on earth would you scrap that exciting tax job for it?

According to (one of my faves), analytics are/is "the science of logical analysis." As an aside, isn't it great that both the singular and plural form of the word analytics is the same?! Great. So, if analytics is the science of logical analysis, then Internet Analytics would be the science of logical Internet analysis. Or put more simply (simpler?) analysing what happens on the Internet OR put even MORE simply (simplest?) spying on people and their surfing patterns! And I'm not talking about hanging ten or catching a wave. Now that's exciting stuff.

I'm running an analytic from Google on my blog. It's free and you can do it too... Those same generous Google Folks have also offered a Product Tour. See they're so gracious that installing their "free" analytic to my blog will ultimately help them. They get to spy on me while I spy on you.

Among the info gathered, I'm most entertained by the search words people use - and how they consequently end up at the rabidrunner's house of musings. The following list is weighted (meaning the phrases at the top of the list were used more frequently than those at the bottom). My favorites are in bold. Check the bottom for my "scientific analysis."

pantyhose job - juicy pants -"love and rockets” live - love and rockets - school confession - another man’s treasure” phrase meaning - “ban urinals” - “Daniel ash” live - “greg lake” family members - “thong leotard” - 60s colloquialisms - 80’s hair bands - 80s white leather pants - black juicy pants that say juicy - circus thong leotard - colloquialisms see a man about a dog - cousin’s pantyhose - coverdale “jimmy page” blogspot - donnie and marie in bed - donnie and marie record player - donnie and marie trunk - donny and marie show vhs - emerson lake - emerson lake and palmer ep - finding your inner hunter - geezer butler black hooded - high school confessions blog - high school stories+episode - horse hooves in pudding - how to live with a passive aggressive controlling and demanding motherinlaw - I look for someone someone who can see more than meets the eye - Leotard thong pantyhose - Love & rockets albums blogspot - Love and rockets albums blogspot - Love and rockets blogspot - Mark knopfler and winter Olympics and prank calls - New colloquialisms - One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - Operation smile legit - Origin of “sharpest tool in the shed” - Origin colloquialism - Origin of expression “need to see a man about a dog” - Photoshop the bryan niven look - School punish - Scipio pronounced - Spanking confess mother children anticipation - Sprinters have high arches - Support rabid cause bracelet - Take a hot shower - The office+ support the rabid episode - The office support the rabid t shirt - Thong leotard - Thong leotard stories - Transformers yellow bumble bee shirt, more than meets the eye - Tribute to ozzy osbourne blogspot believer - What episode is the office support the rabid - Winder wedding panty hose

Rabidrunner Scientific Analysis:
  • The word Pantyhose in one form or another is searched for more than anything else.
  • The Thong Leotard has a similar fascination... but I guess the two do go together rather nicely.
  • Love and Rockets fans have resorted to searching the web for info (as opposed to other representative forms of media. Hey! They should get together with Ron Paul and commiserate.)
  • Someone should write a book on Colloquialisms.
  • Whether or not Operation Smile is a valid charity was checked at my blog. What that person really needs is
  • The Winder should form a new Goliath Wedding Franchise selling Winder Wedding Pantyhose. For those Winter Wedding Days that also happen to be Windy.

Friday, January 04, 2008



Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by abbreviations. Only true fans can drop parts of a band name and make it work (as in Boingo, not Oingo Boingo).

From the looks of Oingo Boingo, it's hard to believe that front man Danny Elfman would go on to become one of the finest and most talented movie score/soundtrack creators of all time (check out his accomplishments here.) That's my opinion of course. If you don't agree, you're probably one of those boring John Williams fans. Look at me call you names! You. You. YOU JOHN WILLIAMS FAN YOU!

Anyway, as mentioned many a time, I'm a taxes-in-the-basement gal. And the tax-time is around the corner. And I work on the tax-time software. And January 11 is the tax-time deadline. And that's a lot of tax-time stress. And what beats tax-time stress better than a little Boingo. Damned IRS.

Dead Man's Party
Just Another Day
Nothing Bad Happens To Me
and don't forget Weird Science