Friday, December 12, 2008

Undies in an Unproar

December 12, 2008

It's a delightful day folks. A snowstorm is brewing and we at the rabidrunner household are smiling brightly in anticipation. The undies of the rabidrunner, however, are in an uproar. (I could say my undies are in an uproar but the third person reference is more fun. For simplicity I'll start using the first person - however boring that may be...)

Anyway. Let's just start this post by saying that I try my hardest to be a good Christian. I am far, far, far from perfect. I have plenty of faults. I tend to be cynical when inappropriate. I also have a strong opinion - but I respect others and their opinions even when different. Most of all, I try with all of my might not to judge. You have your stuff/issues. I have mine.

I'm sure you're wondering when I'll get to the uproarious undies part of the post. So here you go (and brace yourself 'cause it might be a doozy).

When, when, WHEN do you or I have a right to call another human being to repentance? When do you or I get to "damn" someone? When do you or I have the authority to label someone as a "sinner"?


Would you care for some background? I heard you say, "why, sure" so here goes. I've become particularly fond of a certain witty, insightful, talented little blogger (mostly her blog as I've never met her personally, but that's beside the point). For now we'll just keep that a mystery and call her Marge.

In one of Marge's creations (she doesn't just blog, she creates), Marge expressed an opinion about the behavior of children in church. Specifically, it was about kids bringing toys and whatnot. She didn't condemn anyone. Her intent was to point out the garish distraction of toys at church. I agree with her.

Long story short, someone took issue with her opinion and told her to see her bishop. Said she'd "feel better."

I believe a certain Someone (who we just so happen to be celebrating the Birth of) said something once. I'm going to repeat it:

"He who that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone." John 8:7

The end. Undies now nice and loose.


Winder said...

Wow!!!! It is so hard to deal with a judgmental person. I hope "Marge" wasn't hurt by the comment. If she was she should know that most likely the one who passes judgement is usually in a worse position!

Mandee said...

now my undies are in an uproar... I need the link. I need details. I need more.

meg said...

Can I be Marge? Is it okay if I tell everyone I'm Marge? I'm not bashful at all. Hope I didn't just mess everything up; but I suspect you were calling me Marge to protect me.

And to Winder, Marge wasn't hurt at all; in fact, it made Thursday an incredibly fun day, reading the comments and being flabbergasted that D. spent that much time re-checking my blog so that he could respond. A little embarrassing for him, I'd say. I am simply unable to take people like that seriously. In the comment I deleted, he actually said that his "judgments are just." A.may.zing.

I actually hopped on over to tell you that now, whenever my husband sees our little dog stretching in a downward-dog-like position, he thinks of your comment and envisions me in Down Dog in sacrament meeting. We love it!

meg said...

Sorry that was so blasted long. It could have been longer though; I really held back during all the commenting and whatnot. How fun would it be for me to put together a post lambasting the idiot? (Shoot, did I just call him an idiot? Bless my poor sinning soul.)

And in the previous novel I just posted, I neglected to thank you for your complements on the blogging I do. What a kind thing to say.

AND I love that you selected the name Marge. Simply love it.