Wednesday, December 31, 2008


December 31, 2008

In my many years of English Speaking (and listening), I've noticed the overuse of a certain word. Overuse of anything, words included, turns it into the norm. (See Punctuation Overdose if you want more explanation of the exuberant use of things.)

The over used word in question? It's that amazing word. As in... Did you taste that sauce? It was amazing. Did you see that movie? That was amazing. Did you see how clean her toilet was? Amazing. Look at how the mailman delivers mail. He is amazing. Get it? When everything is amazing, nothing is amazing.

I do, however, have an exceptional and suitable use for amazing. Ready?

Right now, at this very minute, I do not have an opinion on anything.

That friends... is amazing!

(Okay, the not having an opinion is aside from my view of the word amazing. But as shown clearly in Punctuation Overdose this assesment is from the Ghost of Opinions Past.)


The McMillans said...

I am so amazed....

rookie cookie said...

My sister who remarks from Sparks told me about this post. I am glad you mentioned "amazing". I need to get rid of that word in my life. I am going to go to the thesaurus and look for good substitutes.

Thank you. You have changed my life.