Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Tune - Vol 7

November 18, 2008

Fauré's Sicilienne - Tango anyone?
Fauré is pronounced Far-eh by the rabidrunner (being somewhat hickish). My musical genius family pronounces it For-eh. Catch a Fauré Flashback this Friday. Should be Faur Out!

Dark Captain Light Captain - Jealous Enemies
Lucky you - this one is the *FREE* single of the week on Itunes. Download it now. Fer Free! (Run, Forest, Run!)


The McMillans said...

Did you say free? Sweet

tom lindsey said...

JLW, very nice. My son fancies himself a cellist ( you should hear him play Ozzzy ) so I have sent him your link. I bought him The Silk Road Journeys and have tried to get him to listen to Hilary Hahn [ Barber and Meyer Violin Concertos ] but he is not interested. If you have any other suggestions along these lines do share. Otherwise I expect him to sit me down soon to listen to him scratch out something from AC/DC's Black Ice. Sigh ...

Regarding DCLC-- didn't The Shins already break this ground, only better ;-)