Wednesday, November 26, 2008


November 26, 2008

I've been called Despondent* before... But true despondency has hit today. Actually, it hit two days ago.

Need the story? Okay. Spouse, Yahoos and myself have a tradition called the TURKEY DAY BOYCOTT. I knew you'd want the recipe, so here it is:

1 Thanksgiving Day
4 sets of ski gear
1 car
1 Park City Mountain Resort
1 Hotel room in Park City, complete with restaurant and indoor pool
4 swimsuits

On Thanksgiving Day, load the gear into the car and drive to Park City. Dress yourself in gear and ski until Yahoos have had enough. Load yourselves back in the car, drive to the hotel, walk into the restaurant, eat prepared (emphasis on prepared) Turkey dinner. Check into room. Put on the swimsuits. Swim until very tired. Go to hotel room and pass out.

It's a delightful tradition. But this year IT'S NOT HAPPENING!!!! Why? The most crucial of ingredients - Park City Mountain Resort - is not open! What are we gonna do now?

Think snow people. It's very necessary and will cure the despondency.

* Need another word(s) for despondent? Try all torn up, blue, bummed-out, cast-down, despairing, disconsolate, doleful, forlorn, glum, in a blue funk, griefstricken, morose, woebegone, wretched.


Becca said...

So sorry! You can hit Brighton if you would like and then come visit me and my family up there for prepared--yes I said prepared, leftovers. There is also a very-emphasis on very-small and somewhat disgusting shower that you can crowd into in your swimsuits just for the sake of tradition!

Winder said...

I must not have enough power. I prayed for snow for you... I don't think it workded

Andrea Brown said...

That is a truly sad story!