Sunday, November 30, 2008

Consumer Cleanse - Month Won!

November 30, 2008

(Notice the double entendre of the title... I'm fearful no-won will notice, hence the mention. But you just wait. By the time you finish reading (if you make it), not only will you notice, it'll hit you with the force of a firefighter hose.)

Well folks - won month down, 11 to go. This is a piece of cake!

What am I talking about exactly? I'm talking about the Consumer Cleanse. If you're just too darned lazy to click the link, I'll give a quick sin-opsis. Won month ago, I promised the blog and every-won that I will renounce the purchase of anything for myself for the duration of won year. This means no books, clothes, shoes, gear, magazines, electronics or home furnishings. Music is not among the verboten - A whole year without buying music is a recipe for disaster - won would come over to find me locked in my basement, downloading music illegally. You'd also find me wearing a puffy white blouse and a patch over won eye.

The object of this exercise? To change the way I view stuff. To increase gratitude. To use the junk I have in lieu of buying more.

It's been very therapeutic actually. The motto for this month:

Fix it up, Wear it out.
Make it do, Or do without.

Want some examples? Yesterday, the salad spinner went kaput. The old rabidrunner would have gone out instantly to buy a new won. The new rabidrunner? She fixed it! Another? Last week my watch quit working. The old rabidrunner would panic and purchase a new watch to use until she could find time to get a new battery. The new rabidrunner went to get the battery first.
There have been some temptations - which have helped develop strategies for keeping me on the proverbial straight-n-narrow. I keep a camera in the purse now. When I see something that spawns that passion to purchase, I take a picture. Viola!

Another example? I wanted to have two sets of nail clippers. I only had won. So instead of running out to buy an extra pair, I wrote about it. That alone seemed to eradicate the need to spend that extra 3 bucks. However - I have this cute neighbor who sent over a wrapped package. How sweet! I thought and opened it. Can you guess the contents? I'll bet you can. But here's a picture just in case:
I have decided that it is in my best interest to list other temptations. You know... just in case some-won wanted to save me from sin. Better yet, I'll wrap all of my strategies into won little bunch by providing photos and writing about it.

New Temptation #1 - The Porsche Cayman:

New Temptation #2 - This T-shirt:

New Temptation #3 - The Rossignol Xena X10 (or equivalent):

New Temptation #4 - This T-shirt:

New Temptation #5 - All three seasons of this:

New Temptation #6 - The Canon 15mm f/2.8 "fisheye":

This is getting tedious so I'm going to quit now.


Winder said...

You are won amazing woman. I am so proud of you for making it won month. Keep up the won-derful cleanse!

Andrea Brown said...

Way to go!! You inspire me, but not enough to do anything about it. And no, I won't be sending over any of those gifts.

The McMillans said...

Is this a Christmas list really? If so, it's brilliant, I have always been bad a devising Christmas lists.

Becca said...

Did I mention how impressed with you I am! WOW! Did I also mention that I hope running shoes are not included in the consumer cleanse? And speaking of running, I think I might try to tag along with you tomorrow.

tom lindsey said...

saw this over the holiday: