Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chronicles of the Consumer Cleanse

November 9, 2008

It's been two weeks since I've purchased anything other than food. Well not quite. I purchased ski poles for twenty bucks at the Friends and Family sale. But the poles were declared clearly in the Consumer Cleanse Prenup. So other than the poles, I've purchased nothing but food.

It's all going well. I'm not feeling picked on, yet. I'm not feeling the need to spend, yet. I'm not bored of the stuff I have, yet.

On Friday, a true test was about to present itself. The girls I run with have been planning a weekend away. We'd spend the night somewhere, stay up late, sleep in, and run a few miles in a new place. Great fun.

So Friday we drive our two cars to the vacation spot. On our 21st century walkie-talkies (also called the cell phone), we decide to meet at - hold your breath - the outlets. No big deal, I say to myself. There are five chicks here, it only obviously that we'd eventually make it to - the outlets.

I can do that. And I can do that without spending money!

So we spend a couple or three hours shopping. For the first while I followed and browsed. I purchased one Christmas present and one birthday present. In the second while, I got bored and tired and ended up on the benches outside with the dudes. This is where I began to feel bad for the times I dragged Spouse shopping - where he too would end up finding a chair somewhere.

The girls finally decide they're hungry and we find a spot to eat. We dine on sourdough pizza and side salads ala soy-ginger-sesame-vinaigrette. We laugh a bit, reveal a few secrets and begin the what-do-we-do-next conversation. Four out of five us wanted to go back to - the outlets.

After yet another stab at shopping, we sleep, run, eat lunch, and have another what-do-we-do-next conversation. One suggests, "Let's go to - the outlets"

Gee. Can we?


Vera said...

Hi Ho-Vera Here. I have actually been very good, until Friday. I was well know at my house that when I was feeling down, or happy, or bored, I would buy shoes. BUT, I have been in a slump. Since I stopped working at a fancy place...and I don't go out much (not too sorry about that), I haven't felt the need to buy shoes.
Friday I treated myself to 2..and they are your size!!! Isn't that handy?

Julia said...

I am impressed by your strength. I'm sure I would've been able to justify an amazing sale, but you resisted. I am proud of you.