Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Tune

October 7, 2008

In an effort to increase the running library, I've decided to dedicate each Tuesday - er - most Tuesdays to finding a new tune worthy of running to/with. It's a very noble feat I know. But I think I can do it. It will cost roughly $4.24 a month (.99 + Uncle Sam's .07 = 1.06 * 4 = 4.24). Vera LOVES math - that was for Vera. As an extra bonus, I've decided not to limit the quest to only one tune. Some Tuesdays might have two or three or maybe even four! The only requirement is that the tune be new (at least to me).

As I blew my I-tune wad ramping up for the St George last week, I have no money. Not even a buck oh six. Especially 'cause I just purchased a raspberry roll and gobbled it up whole. Since there's no I-tune money, I'll have to start with -

Something Old:

Free For All - Ted Nugent. Nothing says "attack" like the Nuge. And let's face it, the sky's the limit when you proclaim it a "Free For All".

Never before have I turned on you
You look too good to me
Your beady eyes, they could cut me in two
And I just can't let you be
Well it's a free for all, and I heard it said
You can bet your life
Stakes are high and so am I
It's in the air tonight
It's a Free For All!

Something Somewhat New (and uncharacteristically poppish for the rabidrunner):

One Step At A Time - Jordan Sparks

Something Borrowed (might want to listen to this one without watching):

Switchback - Celldweller

And Something Blue as in:

Monday - New Order


Lisa said...

I'm always lookin' for new tunes. Would that have been a flour girls raspberry roll? LOVE THAT PLACE!

Becca said...

I love this new plan of yours--I can't wait to copy it and make it my own!

d.funkt said...

foaming @ the mouth is a wee bit dangerous but i like your blog.

The McMillans said...

OOOO, one more fun enticing weekly occurrence on the famous Rabid blog. And, because you have awesome taste in music, I will get to build my i tunes library. THANKS!

I love Jordan Sparks. For many reasons.