Sunday, October 12, 2008

Special Attention

October 12, 2008

Have you ever been jealous of someone and not know why? Have you ever tried to rationalize yourself out of being jealous? Well I do. I get jealous. And until about a month ago I had no idea why.

I get jealous when others are getting special attention and/or treatment.

You have front row tickets to Neil Diamond because your daddy owns a teddy bear factory? Jealous! You get awesome Olympic coaching because your cousin's uncle's brother-in-law is married to Deena Kastor's sister? Green with Envy! You are treated like a princess because you look like one? Now that's it. Ragingly Covetous!

Over the last week, however, I discovered that if I spend my energy looking for when I do not receive special attention - I will surely fail to see when I do receive special attention. I even had a blog brewing over it... but had better and bigger things to do.

Yesterday, I received special attention AND treatment.

I was running with the gang. We came to a "T" in the road. Some were going to add on by going left. Others were going to call it a day and go back to their cars by turning right. I was going left.

As I turned left, I continued a conversation with the folks going right (you know bye, see ya, I'll give so-and-so a ride home, etc.) To continue this conversation I had to look behind me and while I continued the conversation looking behind, I ran right into the middle of the road. Just in time for a car (going rather fast) to drive into the spot I was running.

How that car didn't hit me is a miracle.

That car didn't have time to swerve. I didn't have time to move. It felt as if I had turned into Elastagirl and bent out of the impact zone. Or maybe I was transferred out of harm's way by Angels. Running buddy Hillene swore she saw the car drive right through me.

Someone (and we all know who that Someone is) ... was giving me special attention.

I will be forever grateful.


The McMillans said...

Oh my,...I am very grateful for that special attention as well.

Winder said...

I am glad I didn't see this happen. I might have messed my pants. Who would listen to me complain??? Ok, I know that sounds selfish. I am happy you weren't hurt.

Becca said...

I'm very grateful too! So grateful that I might come run with you next week so that I can help you look both ways....

Becca said...

By the way, that totally freaked me out!

Vera said...

I have a playlist for you---
-Chemistry of a Car Crash-Shiny toy Guns
-Don't crash the Ambulance-Knopler
-Do you really wanna hurt ma-Culture club
-Running scared-Roy Orbison

That should keep you going