Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Do... To Do... Ta Daaaa!

Here's my get-er-done list for Thursday September 11, 2008.
Huh... that date sounds oddly familiar.

  • Pay Piano Teacher.
  • Bake Spouse Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with This Recipe. He and his redneck buddies are going to the great beyond of Colorado to attempt a large animal kill. And then he'll bring it home for grillin' as we have a "Kill it, you eat it" rule.
  • Call the Primary President. It's Primary Program time.
  • E-mail Utah County Jail Web Site To Dad. Know your neighbors! Look 'em up here.
  • Acquire a Sitter for Friday Evening. Got a gig playing pie-ano for a baptism. Sadly it's LDS, so it won't provide cash for my service. Not sadly that it's LDS (uber righteous in fact), but sadly it's not Catholic because they pay their musicians. Wow. Someone is worldly today.
  • Practice Songs for Baptism. Include 4-year-old soloist.
  • Watch Sesame Street. It's always good for a giggle. Or eight.
  • Acquire a Sitter for Saturday Morning. Spouse is hunting and 22 miles is on the plan.
  • Recognize Birthdays. Brother-in-law and Nephew have this blessed day to celebrate their births.
  • Finish Alabama Tax Forms. Oh hell. It's that time of year again. Repent for swearing then pray that photos will get me out of the taxes business.
  • Get a Massage. Quads are tight. Pulling the left knee out of whack. A good knee does better when it's in whack. Call Girl-With-Many-Earrings.
  • Call Pam about Photos. Who took the pictures for her web site? And who inserted a shameless plug?
  • Call Rachel about Photos.
  • Arrange Body Worlds Expedition. You should really get tickets to this too. Strongly recommended. And if you have a Yahoo studying anatomy or biology or petroleum, take them.
  • Post Something About Vermont. It's a wedding. No! It's a vacation. No! It's a party. No! It's a family reunion. No! It's a wine and dine fest.
  • Get to Work on That Friday Flashback. Any requests?


Winder said...

I love the Pam photos. Well done! I also am interested in Body Worlds call or email me if you are open to others coming and I will check with the hubby and see if I can procure the funds.

tom lindsey said...

Our tasks lists are on such different moral planes ... judge for yourself.

1. google spleen injury
2. commit symptoms to memory
3. fake spleen injury to avoid spouse family reunion
4. as soon as spouse and children leave, go mountain biking.
5. wonder if 100lb spouse's punch can cause spleen injury.

rabidrunner said...

Winder: The more the better. Anyone else?

Tom: Careful what you ask for...!

Becca said...

I think I would prefer Soup Recipe Sunday if that's OK with you. Also, I am wondering if making your To Do list public makes it more likely to check everything off? Or is it simply the Ta Daaaaa added at the end that makes it happen?

And as a side note, I saw the commercials for Body Works it made me think of you. I remember you telling me about it way back when (I think you went in Chicago if memory serves) and Craig and I think we are going to go.

rabidrunner said...

Actually... the to do list was an attempt to document my intentions. Needless to say only half of it was accomplished.

Nigel said...

I looked up one of our (me and Lois') favorite local criminals, a person with 10+ arrests going
back 10+ years.

They've changed the utah county jail website since the last time (2 months ago?) I looked at it.

A. The pictures are gone
B. They've obviously limited access to older records. In fact, even to more recent records. Our acquaintance now shows 2 arrests in the last year.

It's virtually useless in its present format. Our tax dollars at work, eh?

Julia said...

Your to-do list is much more interesting than mine ever is...1) change a poopy diaper, 2) clean spaghetti off head of 1-year old, 3) tell 3-year old for the 172nd time that we are not going to McDonalds today, 4) clean up front room...again, 5) make dinner, or rather get a Little Caesar's "hot and ready," 6) go grocery shopping with both kids at Walmart (what on earth was I thinking!), 7) lay on the couch and play dead when spouse comes home so that he knows what kind of day I've had...