Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dear Mr. Wheelchair,

September 2, 2008

You have been a great friend. You have housed the Rear of Spouse for the better of four months and we'll be forever thankful. We're especially thankful for facilitating the transportation of twice weekly blood tests, doctor visits, physical therapy, and over 50 (well maybe not quite) trips to the swimming pool. We are grateful for the neighborhood strolls, Yahoo pushes, Temple sessions (complete with old guy escort), the extra chair in the living room (whilest Spouse was couchin' it), and the ramp races. We should also thank you graciously for taking Spouse to the desert to shoot things. He really likes that.

We realize you're slow and that Spouse might have broken you with abuse (with all of that trying to be fast, wheelies and dust) but that's what you're for and you can't breathe and you don't have any nerve endings. Plus you were new when we got you.

With our deepest joy, Mr. Wheelchair, we must inform that your services are no longer needed. It is time now for you to continue another abusive journey with a new family.

RabidRunner, Spouse & Yahoos


Mandee said...

well that is the best news ever! let's celebrate over soup!

Julia said...

It's great to see Spouse walking around again (actually, walking is new for me--Mr. Wheelchair was already his best friend when I moved here.) You never told me how much fun he had with his trusty set of wheels though. Great memories...and you're all probably very glad they are only memories now.

Becca said...

WAHOO!!!! I'm so happy for you--let's hope Mr. Wheelchair never has to visit again.

Andrea Brown said...

Not sad to see him go, are you?

The McMillans said...

He's fast. I am so relieved for you all. Did Mr. Wheel chair have a name? Was there a proper dismissal with an Ave maria and all, were there tears of joy? Oh! Wait, that's my crazy family.