Friday, August 22, 2008

Sports and Taxes

August 22, 2008

We were watching the Olympics last night (big surprise I know). Spouse became interested in the results of the 800 meter hurling (as in barf) steeple chase. Actually, I don't recall the event. I know fer sure that it was track and field 'cause they were running on a big orange oval with white stripes.

Anyway, in a sport cankered with U.S. and Jamaican domination, a tiny gent from Latvia took the silver. "Huh. That's a surprise," I said while doing dishes and sweeping crumbs.

"Latvia, Astonia.... I've always been a fan of those countries" said Spouse.

"No you aren't!" I said while laughing out loud (no LOL at this house. When it truly is "Laugh Out Loud" funny, it's worth SPELLING IT OUT IN ITS ENTIRETY.) Spouse tends to tilt towards the libertarian sphere of politics. I was under the impression that those Russia Reject Countries were on the borders of communism.

Spouse replied with, "Yes I am. They have a flat tax."

There you have it. Sports and taxes.


Winder said...

uhhh... it's Estonia. I am the all knowing I had two teamates from there. :)

rabidrunner said...

Ahhh rats! You're always such a smarty pants. HOWEVER, in my meager defense, note that the blogger spell checker didn't find it!