Sunday, August 17, 2008

Enough Already

August 17, 2008

I realize that Michael Phelips (as Yahoo #1 pronounces it) is the new Lance Armstrong, but can we move on? How many times do we need to see that extra half stroke? Or the relatives spazzing out in the audience? Or how he has kicked the pants off of Mark Spritz (rabidrunner pronounciation)?

There are plenty of other Olympic stories you know. Like how the rabidrunner was shot in the toosh by her brother and used it as ammunition to compete in the Women's 10 Meter BB-Gun.


rabidrunner said...

Or just in... how about the gold those 8 U.S. row-your-boat girls just got? Now that's a story.

Lisa said...

I know! You're totally right . . . and the interviews just keep coming.

Lisa said...

Oh, and what about the other 3 team members on the relays?

Staci said...

I like the Michael Phelps stuff but I would really like to see a tiny bit of coverage of some of the other sports that aren't "popular." You know, can we even see a few highlights or something? Any maybe even coverage of (gasp) other countries?

Winder said...

Well, I am a major Phelps Phan and I couldn't get enough of the up close coverage and seeing every pore on his face via my HD TV. Who wants to see the other cute guys on the relay team. I want to see the tears well up from the ducts in his eyes. Can the camera get a little closer PLEASE!!!

Ok, so I am a fan but not that big a fan. I agree back off already. I want to see BB gun!