Friday, July 04, 2008


Friday July 4, 2008

Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by Uncle Sam, Red, White & Blue, hamburgers and potato salad. Today's Friday Flashback is also brought to you by the 8-track stereo and vinyl seat covers. 'Cause that's what I think of when I hear America.

Interestingly enough, America was formed in London ('bout 1972). All three original members, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell (I wonder if they called him "Buns"?) and Dan Peek had British mothers and American fathers. Their fathers were members of the US Air Force and were among the military personnel stationed at West Ruislip, London.

The America sound is comprised mostly of acoustic guitars and carries a Crosby, Stills and Nashish 3-part harmony in the vocals. (Maybe David Crosby gave his DNA earlier than we thought? Confused? Go here.) The America name was used in honor of the country all three loved but never saw enough of. They released 18 albums and many successful singles. Of those 18 albums, 7 of them were produced by a gent named George Martin. Coincidentally, Martin was the A-list producer for a band called the Beatles. Maybe you've heard of them.

I need you - Tin Man Song - Horse With No Name - You Can Do Magic - Daisy Jane - Sister Golden Hair - Ventura Highway - Muskrat Love


Mo said...

ah, the wonderful 8-track technology. After a few playings, we needed another technologically advanced device to make listening bearable; the instant "tape head adjuster", which looked remarkably like a book of matches..

Nigel said...

Did you know America is retro-chic right now? They're being sampled for hip-hop tracks. Current bands are citing them as an influence, America is doing guest-appearances on albums by these young bands. Young hip producers are collaborating with America. Those musicians who cite America as an influence are deeply honored to do guest appearances on the new America record. America is touring again. Tribute albums are being recorded. I think there's even talk of a broadway show highlighting their songs. I just don't "get" all the hype.

rabidrunner said...

So Mo... is that what you told your sweet mother when she found your matchbook collection? "Mom. Chill. I use 'em as tape head adjusters."

I'm with Nigel on the hype. I personally am not a big fan of America. They're a little too much bubble gum for me. Don't get me wrong. I love bubble gum. Just not bubble gum music.

However, I'd like to see Linkin Park do Muskrat Love.

rabidrunner said...

What the heck is a Muskrat?

The McMillans said...

The more I listen to it I think of David Gates, meets Neil young with side car of bee gees. All those seperately, well, they're just fine, but when you mix them you get a little too much sap.

I would like to hear Marilyn Manson do "Horse with no name". I think we would actually really get the point. He tends to really get his message across. :)

Linkin park would be oh so fabu...cute little Muskrat.

Nigel said...

muskrat=like a rat, but bigger and musky, do you believe in r.o.u.s.-es?