Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Balloon!

Thursday June 26, 2008

Picked up the Yahoos from a stay with the Grandparents today. They had a lovely time. They also had a couple of balloons each (as did the cousins). The Yahoo's Uncle was tired of the balloons getting in the way so he started to pop them. This is where I thought "Oh. My Yahoos would love to take a balloon home. I'm going to save those balloons from sudden death and put them in the car."

I take the balloons to the car. The Yahoos get in the car. I open the door and say, "Hey Yahoos. We won't see the cousins again for a year. Do you wanna hug them." They say yes.

The Yahoos hug the cousins and go back to the car. Both Yahoos open a car door at once and suddenly - without warning - like 18 caged and ravenous monkeys, the balloons escape and drift into outer space.

Both Yahoos wail and cry as if they've each lost a hundred dollar bill, their first born and a litter of pigs.

What do I do? I cry too. Then drive them to purchase a replacement.

Balloons can be replaced. Other stuff cannot.

*** (Don't call the Love and Logic police on me. I realize that I caved to the pressure and didn't allow them to receive the natural consequence).


Becca said...

I think you may have found a new career--say goodbye to taxes in the basement!

The McMillans said...

It's so true, and children need to know that their parents have a soul. Who else can provide that?

Good for you.

Mandee said...

You are the best mom ever. Seriously.

Becca said...

OOPS--my first comment fits much better with the previous post--where it was meant to be! This comment works here: it's OK to be the nice mom every once in a while--screw natural consequences!

meg said...

You know I'm no tender soul. At all. But I think buying your Yahoos new balloons was absolutely the right thing to do. There are so many things in life that when gone are gone for good. Balloons don't have to been one of them.

Well done, mom.

Winder said...

You know they did suffer the consequence of watching their balloons drift away. That was always the worst for me. Watching it fly away knowing I would never see it again! Not to mention I am pretty sure it wasn't a short drive to replace them. There wasn't immediate replacement.