Friday, May 16, 2008

Adam Ant


Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by spring and the insects it brings! Today's Friday Flashback is the third in our series of cocky dudes in tight leather pants.

Adam Ant's real name is Stuart Leslie Goddard. He was born in England to Romnichal parents. Romnichal is what those wacky UKers call gypsies. What exactly is a gypsy? A gypsy is someone who wears giant earrings and skirts with bangles. They wonder the earth reading palms and telling fortunes.

Okay not really. The Romnichal people are gypsy-ish Norwegian rejects that were transplanted and left for dead on the coast of England ('round about 1544). They speak a language called Romani - a creole type language that combines the grammar of English with a language called Romani Lexicon. Yum. Creole. I wonder if Romnichal food is spicy.

Adam Ant's father drove a limousine and his mother worked as a maid for Paul McCartney. Ant first played bass in a band called Bazooka Joe. Not being a stand-in-the-back-and-look-cool kind of guy, Adam decided it was time for his own band - hence the creation of Adam and the Ants. (Isn't it every guy's dream to commandeer their own league of bugs?)

After a bit of band-on-the-rocks, three of the Ants were asked to leave and went on to form Bow Wow Wow. (You know, the owners of that one hit wonder I Want Candy - I should really change my PMS Hymnal to this one, eh?)

Once the Ants had been exterminated (a fine strategic move on his part), Adam had a few years of success by himself.

To be honest, I don't like ants either. Although they do make you dance when they get in your pants...

Stand and Deliver - Prince Charming - Wonderful - Kings of the Wild Frontier - Puss 'n Boots - Desperate But Not Serious - Friend or Foe - and don't forget his homage to Mormon girls - Goody Two Shoes


Nigel said...

I have nothing to add. I didn't know about the gypsy heritage. You know, Adam and The Ants was one of those bands that I was exposed to around 1981-82 and was (at the time) too narrow-minded to embrace them. They really sounded like no one else.

A good friend was a lone voice in the wilderness. Anyone who rode in his truck would get the "Dude, you gotta hear this..." speech. He was the only fan in a high school full of kids listening to a lot of Judas Priest and Journey.

The McMillans said...

Adam Ant...Connor Cockroach...Isabella Iguanna...Aubrey Arrangatang....there is hope that I can be in a band some day.

Great flashback...great info.