Sunday, April 13, 2008

Request for Tunes


I need a running music refresher. Not that the 485 songs in my "Running" playlist aren't enough, it's just I need something new, fresh, and invigorating. What's the best way to find music you can run to? Google it. (I really love that google is a verb).

Anyway, so I google music you can run to and I get this web site called They have all sorts of junk on this site and it's nifty. You click on the link, it opens the Itunes store and you can listen to the selected 30 second snippet. Fantastic!

'Cept 9 out of 10 bands in the Alternative genre sound like Blink 182. Why don't they just change the name of the genre from Alternative to Blink 182. Geez.

Can anyone help me? Can you send me some music I can run to?


Bob Loblog said...

Might I suggest you look for the "Nike Sport Music" section in itunes?

The McMillans said...

How fast do you want them?

rabidrunner said...

Scary Fast.

Anonymous said...

Anything by Ted Nugent or look in Stu's playlists and listen to some of Push.

Vera said...

Perhaps you should meander over, there must be something in the 46 gb of music I have.

I'm pretty into Cobra Starship-church of hot addiction
the sounds- anything they have

The McMillans said...

RARE Tori Amos remixes?

Becca said...

What about Boston? ;-)

m. & m. said...

I too love that "google" is a verb! On the other hand, I hate that "scrapbook" is a verb as well. It's so fascinating to watch language evolve, is it not?

How long ago was it that "blog" was not yet a verb? Better yet, how long ago was it that we didn't even have the word "blog" at all?

Blog on.

rabidrunner said...

Thanks for y'all's suggestions (y'all's?! What the!?)

I especially liked the way Becca worked a Friday Flashback into her comment.

And M&M (another fan of the English languish I presume), you've sparked some interest in a blog about peculiar verbs. Thanks!

Nigel said...

A band called The Go! Team. Trust me.

tom lindsey said...

I like this when I jog:

When in the mood for music: Kill Switch Engage, Chevelle, Kid Rock, All That Remains, Chamaira, Disturbed, and the like. Black Sabbath the Ozzy Years on longer outings. However, quickly scanning your blog, I think we shop different aisles.

A final note. I once took my wife's shuffle, filled with @$%#$ country music. Never have I wanted to view the underside of a speeding semi as I did that day.