Friday, April 18, 2008



Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by The Record Bar. Do you remember that place? Yum, I can smell the vinyl now. Or is that Naugahyde? Deer Hyde? Elephant Hyde?

Theodore Nugent was born December 13, 1948 in Detroit Michigan. Because "Theodore" is too elegant a name for this ruffian musician, author, political activist, TV show host and killin' machine, he prefers to be called "Ted".

Ted first began his musicianship with a band called The Amboy Dukes. After a mediocre few years with that band, The Nuge ventured solo and produced several hits including, Cat Scratch Fever, Free For All, Strangehold, Dog Eat Dog, Wang Bang Sweet Poontang, and Wango Tango. In 1978 the Ted Nugent band dismantled.

After his solo career, Ted formed a band called the Damn Yankees. If you're into dropping names, this is a good band to know! The Damn Yankees had Nuge, Jack Baldes from Night Ranger, Tommy Shaw from Styx and Michael Cartellone from Italy (okay, I don't know if he's from Italy but you can't tell me Cartellone is NOT Eyetalian.) The only noteworthy mentionable from the Damn Yankee era is the hit High Enough.

Presently, Ted Nugent is busy killin' and either writing about it or displaying it on TV. The Ted Nugent literary series includes, "Gods, Guns and Rock n' Roll", "Kill It and Grill It", and "Bloodtrails II: The Truth About Bowhunting". He's also threatened a few times to take his conservative political activism to office (as in Senator).


The McMillans said...

I always learn from Friday flashbacks. It's so fun, like I'm in school again, except there are no tests.

Nigel said...

Steady Teddy, The Motor City Madman. You could always tell when the Lebanon Ward had arrived to a youth activity. My friend Tim would pull up in his old Buick L-88, the doors would burst open, Ted Nugent would be blaring, and about 12 guys would topple out like clowns at a circus.

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