Friday, April 11, 2008



Today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by Tea Parties, Paul Revere, Harvard, and the Red Sox. But most of all, today's Friday Flashback is brought to you by the mother of all foot races, the Boston Marathon!

Boston was chosen for obvious reasons - the 112th running of the Boston Marathon - set to take place on April 21. You might think that Boston (the band) was chosen because the rabidrunner is a fan. Actually the opposite is true. I am not a fan.

Here's a true story: I was on the phone earlier with a friend. I mentioned that I had to get off the phone so that I could write my "column" (I can't have two late Friday Flashbacks in a row you know). He asked who I was going to write about. I said "Boston" then he started to laugh and said "you hate Boston!"

That's right friends, Romans, countrymen... I hate Boston. My hatred for Boston is More Than A Feeling, it's a passion. I get a melancholic Piece of Mind knowing that I Don't Look Back to hear their music ever and shutter at the thought of naming any of my children Amanda (mostly because they're boys).

But for the love of the city and the race, Boston it is.

Unlike a previous flashback by the name of Berlin (where the band came from Los Angeles), the members of Boston are actually from Boston. An MIT grad by the name of Tom Sholtz (keyboards, guitars) established the band with guitarist Barry Goudreau, drummer Jim Masdea and the ever popular (ick!) vocalist Brad Delp. They reigned supreme from 1976 to 1983 and sold over 30 million copies of sludge.

Have I gone over the top yet? Let's keep going!

The foursome created a bunch of cheesy 70s love songs. All of which I'm sure were danced to at many a prom. Being as Boston is before my prom time (if I were to go to a prom), I'll assume that the music of Boston added to the ambiance provided by all of that feathered hair and booger soled shoes.

New for Boston, besides the reunion stuff that so many old geezer bands do these days, is the battle of the presidential contender. Evidently Goudreau is a supporter of Mike Huckabee and allowed Huckabee to use "More Than A Feeling" in his campaign. Scholtz, who favors Obama, wasn't at all happy about the conservative yip using the hit.

I'm sure there was a cat fight over that one.

So who do you think is going to win the race? And what about the Women's Olympic Trial Marathon (to take place the day before the Boston)? Who's going to win that one? And who will make the team?

Such excitement! I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

The information in this blog is factually incorrect and is disputed.

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rabidrunner said...

So... either you're one of those crazed Boston fans (okay in my book regardless of our difference in opinion) or you're my brother.

Which is it? Fess up Bro!

Vera said...

"I had a good Time" reading this blog, for I too hate Boston....and it is "More than a Feeling". There is not another "Rock n Roll Band" that that makes me want to "Turn if off" more than Boston. A "Higher Power" must have been "Feelin' Satisfied" and said, "Hey, how about giving the world a band they can hate (cuz people need something to hate).

This is not worth continuing,,,I'm making myself angry just spending time on this!! I think I shall go in the other room and see how much I can annoy Stu...(I think he's sleeping...yep I hear the sound of snoring and it is also better than Boston)! is time to branch out and listen to some good music! Like the theme from the Flintstones over and over...Have a Yaba Daba Do Time at the Marathon!

The petulant ninny said...

Uh hold on here.

Everyone loves Boston, my brother had all their 8 tracks.

Or was that Foghat?

The McMillans said...

Run Rabid Run!

Becca said...

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! Have fun and run fast!

Nigel said...

You hate Boston? What I like about them is they sound like nothing before them and nothing since. Yes, it was polished to a chrome sheen. Yes, it was extremely corporate. Yes, they've only made five albums in over 30 years, and the last four were redundant. But I still think the world of that first record.

By the way, they're playing Wendover in July, with STYX. The one thing I dislike? The lead singer committed suicide last year and they replaced him. I guess that's two things I dislike. Not only did they replace him, they hired the former lead singer from Stryper. Ick.