Monday, March 03, 2008

ABC Blag


A- Attached or Single? Attached
B- Best Friend? guy: Spouse girl: that's a tuffy - the Winder when she isn't pregnant (joke) - Vera when it's time for music and jokes and general irreverence
C- Cake or pie? Whatever is available
D- Day of choice? Saturday
E- Essential Item? IPOD and IPOD accessories (i.e. car, headphones, computer, friends' playlists)
F- Favorite Color? Yellow
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Don't they taste the same?
H- Hometown? Whorem, UT
I- Favorite Indulgence? Botox (although the cost/duration factor will prohibit my indulging any longer)
J- January or July? January
K- Kids? 2- Yahoo #1, Yahoo #2
L - Life isn't complete without? Laughing
M- Marriage date? January 27
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 1 brother, 1 sister
O- Oranges or Apples? Apples
P- Phobia and fears? I'm afraid of running naked backwards into a brass doorknob (aka backabrassaphobia) - Actually, long paragraphs
Q- Quote? "Worry is misuse of the imagination" - Dan Zadra
R- Reason to smile? Wouldn't it be easier to list the reasons NOT to smile?
S- Season of choice? All of them until it's time for them to be done
T- Tag three people? Bob Loblog, The Winder, Lois
U- Unknown fact about me? A porn star has my name (first, middle, maiden)
V- Vegetable? Brock-oh-lee
W- Worst habit? I'll plead "the Fifth" on that one
X-Ray or Ultrasound? MRI - the drugs are better
Y- Your favorite food? Indian or Thai
Z- Zodiac sign? Gemini


The McMillans said...

Pleading the 5th, just flags that you are seriously guilty of something very heinous.

Winder said...

Just remember that soon the pregnancy will be over and I am quiting my job! That will mean I can make up for all of my lost quality friendship time!


Lois said...

I gratefully accept your tag, though there's no way I can compete with having a porn star with my same name! Too funny.