Friday, February 08, 2008

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


CELEBRATE! It's my 100th post!

Today's Friday Flashback - inspired by our dear friend Phish Tako - is brought to you by Super Bowl XXXIVIIXXIIVVIIXXX and Valentine's Day (get it "Heart"breakers?)

If you missed the Super Bowl half time show, well you missed the half time show. That and a bunch of extremely well-dressed old geezers breaking hearts with their wrinkles and old school boogie. That good.

Don't get me wrong... I dig Tom Petty and his Chambercrackers. Their music is fantastic - but maybe it's time for them to really become a flashback. Perhaps Janet Jackson could give them some tips on how to add spice to a half time show. Wrinkled pasties? Uh...

Thomas Earl Petty formed Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in 1976. Mr Petty's interest in becoming a rock star blossomed when he met Elvis Presley at the age of 10. Thomas Earl's father, being a redneck from Florida, wasn't too interested in the "arts" and ridiculed Tommy's rock star aspirations.

After the release of their first self-titled album, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, not much happened. Later that year, a tune from that album called Breakdown hit the radio. They became instantly famous and sickningly rich (I don't know if that's true but it sounds good).

The TP&TH sound can be classified as southern influenced rock. Most of their songs have a quickish beat and lots of guitars. Their storytelling lyrics have half-witted song titles that replace "ing" with an apostrophe whenever possible (as in gettin' makin' nothin'). In a nutshell - good old-fashioned gramatically-incorrect fun!

My favorites are (but not limited to): Runnin' Down a Dream, Don't Come Around Here No More, Free Fallin', Mary Jane's Last Dance, Here Comes My Girl, The Waiting, Yer So Bad, American Girl, Into The Great Wide Open (this one's a must see - it stars Johnny Depp where he got a tatoo then met a girl with a tatoo too and now their future is wide open - maybe it's time for me to get a tatoo and widen my future).

Thirty-two years and 18 albums later, that Tom Petty is still at it - performing great tunes and singing (albeit) badly. But rock is not about quality vocals now isn't it? It's about attitude. It's about guitars. It's about "getting the girl". But most of all it's about Makin' Some Noise.


The McMillans said...

Um, you need to take the morning off and go skiing more often. That was fantasmic

The McMillans said...

OH and get trapped in the canyon.

PhishTako said...

Thank you rabidrunner. I think Runnin' down a dream is my all time favorite song. Since you are a runner it should be your favorite song too. Maybe you could do a blog on "running" songs. You probably already have and I missed it.

I'm still trying to get the pasties comment out of my head.

Becca said...

I will say that I am a Tom Petty fan. I will also say it annoys my husband greatly that I am a Tom Petty fan. I will finally say that I was sad to have missed the Super Bowl halftime show, but now, thanks to your description, I think maybe that was a good thing because let's fact it, if Tom Petty's not wearing pasties, then I don't really want to be watching him perform now do I?

rabidrunner said...

Even though they weren't wearing pasties, I'm not kidding about the "extremely well dressed" part. All of them had expensive black suits with red accents. Very suave and deboner (pronounced de bone er).