Monday, February 04, 2008

The Primary Colors are Red and Blue


Forget yellow. At least for tomorrow. Because in all of the most important states, there will be Presidential Primary Action! Go vote! Your vote tomorrow will mean more than the one in November. I guarantee it.

You need to be registered as either a Democrat or Republican to vote. If you aren't registered, no worries! They'll let you register on the spot (at least in Utah anyway). And if you're like me and prefer to be Independent, no worries again! You can go back to your indie status right after you vote.

Now that's what I call a win-win. Go Hilary, Barry, Ron, John and Mit! (Not necessarily in that order, of course).


The McMillans said...

Oh I will, and it will be said, that on the day of February 5th with claim a status just to vote.

The McMillans said...

Oh my, does it have to be so hard? I mean dragging two kids to vote and finding out that I have to fill out paperwork, then fill out more paperwork to change my status...I need a nap.

rabidrunner said...

But the stickers! The stickers were worth the hassle.

The McMillans said...

...And Justice For All.

Lois said...

I went and voted -- spent an hour and 10 minutes in line. What the heck? The worst part was the local nursing home brought a whole bus load of seniors with their walkers and oxygen tanks to wait in line for over an hour! At least we only had to go to two places to figure out where to vote. I love voting (I never miss an election), but with problems like these, I can see why some people choose not to.