Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Heaven Help Us


I have a sneaking suspicion that our choices in November will be similar to ordering at the local diner de dive.

Will you be having the Turd Sandwich

or Dog Brains with Gasoline Sauce?
(Thanks Lois!)

*I'm RabidRunner and I approve this message.


Vera said...


Hey Monica, Will you put mustard on the turd sandwich?

Winder said...

You can vote for Monica's ex-boyfriends wife. won't that be fun? How would you like to hear the cackle on a regular basis. I don't mean the Winder cackle.

rabidrunner said...

Why would you waste the Necter of Life (aka Mustard) on a turd sandwich? And isn't it great, my dear Winder, that someone out there has a more annoying cackle?!

rabidrunner said...

Although... anything with Mustard is worth eating. Similar to Lois and her avocodos.

rabidrunner said...

So I just read this again... and it looks like I'm thanking Lois for electing the Hillary. But really, I'm thanking Lois for the reference to "Dog Brains with Gasoline Sause."

Seriously. Everyone should know that I don't care what your political orientation is. If you vote, you're Americanly Awesome, no matter WHO you vote fer!

Lois said...

I totally agree with you on this post (and thanks for the shout out). Oh my goodness. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Oh, I LOVE those photos! Too funny.

The McMillans said...

I am hoping that this TIE with bring us a favor...and put BARRACK in there. I agree with Xanadua, this country needs to reexamine things.

Gasoline sauce is genius, our dear LOIS and her cleverisms.